How did this happen?

Today, I am surfing the interweb while the darling Mr. Cookie watches educational tv (people, he’s watching a show on performing open heart surgery.  He’s not even a doctor!).  It is a blissful lazy morning.  A well deserved one, given our work schedules lately.  Was it really so long ago that we met?  It doesn’t seem like it.

This morning, he came home from playing squash with some of his friends, scones in hand.  A close friend is going through some love struggles right now, which made Mr. Cookie’s unrequested hug and scones all the more sweet.  We are both so aware in this moment of how lucky and how content we are.  There may be a couple dishes in the sink, some clothes still need to be put away and the apartment may or may not be losing the battle against clutter, but these are not the monumental frustrations they once would have been.

I am struck with the beauty of our life.  I think I’ll go learn about open heart surgery now.

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