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This holiday, I feel like I have so much to be thankful for.  I am thankful for getting the motivation to get in shape.  I am thankful for work (as exhausting as it is) being so fulfilling lately.  I have a wonderful, supportive husband.  Things are finally going well for my sister again.  My mom’s health is returning and Mr. Cookie and I just booked a trip to see her in April.  My husband didn’t lose $500 in a weight loss bet with his friends (thank you, friends, for the extended deadline).  We get to spend multiple Thanksgivings with numerous family members.  Mr. Cookie is getting closer and closer to being done with BigLaw (keep your fingers crossed on that one, folks).

Yes, life is good.

So, readers, I want to hear what you’re thankful for.  I think some of you have been reticent to comment for fear of blowing my anonymity but so long as you don’t use our real names or your last names, all should be fine.  I know you’re reading and I’d love to hear from you!


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Highlights of my day

It’s true, I’ve been a touch cranky lately.  So, I thought today would be a perfect time to list the great things that happened in an otherwise blah day.

1)  I was asked by TWO separate (as opposed to conjoined) co-workers to bake stuff for them FOR CASH MONEY, fool!

2)  I made it to the gym (not to the class I wanted, but… small victories)

3)  After months of being lazy, I got my two favorite sweaters back from the dry cleaner

4)  I came home to find my downstairs neighbors raking the leaves.  One less thing for me to do this weekend!

5)  I got invited to what appears to be a very exciting holiday party

6)  I started planning what to wear to friend Thanksgiving and was excited because I just bought new (smaller) clothes that fit

7)  I washed my new skinny jeans so I can wear them to work tomorrow

8)  A couple students proclaimed they were happy they have me instead of another teacher (I swear it’s not a popularity contest)

Looking back, maybe it was more than a blah day.  🙂

Happy holidays, readers.

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Open Letters

Dear Mr. Home Fry,

It’s not technically visualization if you show them the movie first.  Showing them the scene you just read to them and telling them to draw it requires no imagination.

Dear Confused Parent,

I ceased to have your child last year in June.  Teachers change every year.  Try asking his current teachers how he’s doing in school.  I have no clue.

Dear Migraine,

Stop sucking my will to live.  I will defeat you, curled in the fetal position while whimpering for my mommy.

Dear IEP parent,

Your child is doing fine in my class.  I’m not sure why you just rambled for 10 minutes about accommodations and whether I’m sure I am meeting them.  I repeat.  Your child is doing fine.  Would you like a flow chart or a graphic organizer to understand that information better?

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Oh, gods of education. Please grant me the patience to not laugh at parents with excuses like “we’ve done everything we could to fix his behavior.  Even the shock treatments did nothing.” The strength to not wither in front of the ones who smell like they’re wearing eau de cigarette with dog poop scented deodorant. The courage to face the ones who are angry their child only got a B. The courtesy to not giggle at the ones with tattooed boobs hanging out.  The fortitude to tell one parent about their 6th grader’s propensity to forget to wipe.  And the intelligence to realize that the majority of them really aren’t too bad.

Oh, parent teacher conferences. How I loathe thee.

Humorous stories forthcoming (with names changed to protect the innocent).

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Today, I got an email from a friend telling me I suck.

It’s okay, I sort of deserved it.  This particular friend and I have been very close in the past, but I am not the best at maintaining long distance relationships and she hasn’t gone out of her way too often either.  We’re busy people and nothing malicious is meant by it.  She was a bridesmaid at my wedding and for the time I was wedding planning we had a renewed strength that fizzled when the nuptials were over.  Contact has been weak, phone tag has been occasional.  Then today the email.  Woops.

Things have been exceedingly stressful for me lately.  This year, I went from having one prep (one course to prep for) to three.  I still teach the same number of classes (five a day), but with more variety.  It is slowly smothering me.  BUT!  It’s getting better.  I feel like I’m getting on top of things.

There was my mom.  Turns out she does have a broken rib and a nasty concussion (still can’t remember a bunch of things about that day).  She’s doing a lot better comparatively, but is not entirely back to her old self.  I didn’t talk or vent much about it after it happened until a few days ago when I had a total meltdown with an awesome friend and then a subsequent meltdown with my husband later that night.  I didn’t even notice I had been bottling up my stress.

And Sister Cookie.  Ooof.  Where to even begin?  I’ve been avoiding her.  If I think I have drama, forget it.  It’s nothing compared to her.  I don’t want to get into it now because it’s not really mine to broadcast to the internet but suffice it to say it involves insane [soon to be former] in-laws, four children, her job, and DHS.  Yuck.  I feel guilty because I want to do more and feel obligated to do more, but haven’t.  So, I’ve gotten terrible about calling.  I tried the other day, she didn’t answer, I left a message, I haven’t tried again.  But we’re going up there this weekend.  I need to be a better sister.

I don’t know where this inability to cope is coming from, but I am finally starting to acknowledge the need to talk to someone.  I’m not depressed, but I need to talk.  And it needs to be someone objective.

Also, to my wonderful husband and great friend who both heard me out and gave me the love and (somewhat soggy) hugs I needed, you’re the best.  And you definitely don’t suck,  even when, exceedingly rarely often, I might.

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Baby Lust

It’s interesting.  Just yesterday, I was telling a friend it seems like forever until Mr. Cookie and I are going to try becoming parents.  For numerous reason, Mr. Cookie just doesn’t think now is a good time (I agree with some but not others).  Regardless, the baby lust, she has been strong.  I’m 28.  I told Mr. Cookie when he was still in law school a few years ago that I thought ideally, I would be having babies by this time.  He brushed it off because at the time, he didn’t even know if he wanted kids, let alone by 28.  He thinks we should wait until we’re 30 to start trying.  When I agreed to 30, I thought that meant we’d start trying before 30 with the hopes that by 30 we’d be parents.  As the dissenter in this situation, he sort of holds all the cards though.  Anyway, what’s a couple years, really, when your clock is ticking loud enough to deafen you?  Regardless, I adore my husband and if he’s not ready, we have to wait.  I don’t want to rush him because I’m impatient.  I want this to be an exciting, rewarding experience for both of us.

But, back to my conversation yesterday.  I told her that I felt it was the duty of my friends to start having more kids so I could assuage my undying baby hunger (ewww, not like that) by living vicariously through them.  Part of me is hoping that when we watch Peanut Butter Burrito’s daughter on Tuesday, she’ll throw a raging tantrum or scream the whole time or something.  But I know she probably won’t.  Because she’s too stinking sweet and besides, I think it will be close to bedtime when we’re there.  But no.  This morning I got an email from a high school friend.  He and his wife of one week longer than us are at 11 weeks.  I’m so excited for them and have already offered babysitting.

After all, this is getting nearly unbearable.

The other day, I saw the most ridiculously adorable stuffed animal and had to force myself not to purchase it.

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