Baby Lust

It’s interesting.  Just yesterday, I was telling a friend it seems like forever until Mr. Cookie and I are going to try becoming parents.  For numerous reason, Mr. Cookie just doesn’t think now is a good time (I agree with some but not others).  Regardless, the baby lust, she has been strong.  I’m 28.  I told Mr. Cookie when he was still in law school a few years ago that I thought ideally, I would be having babies by this time.  He brushed it off because at the time, he didn’t even know if he wanted kids, let alone by 28.  He thinks we should wait until we’re 30 to start trying.  When I agreed to 30, I thought that meant we’d start trying before 30 with the hopes that by 30 we’d be parents.  As the dissenter in this situation, he sort of holds all the cards though.  Anyway, what’s a couple years, really, when your clock is ticking loud enough to deafen you?  Regardless, I adore my husband and if he’s not ready, we have to wait.  I don’t want to rush him because I’m impatient.  I want this to be an exciting, rewarding experience for both of us.

But, back to my conversation yesterday.  I told her that I felt it was the duty of my friends to start having more kids so I could assuage my undying baby hunger (ewww, not like that) by living vicariously through them.  Part of me is hoping that when we watch Peanut Butter Burrito’s daughter on Tuesday, she’ll throw a raging tantrum or scream the whole time or something.  But I know she probably won’t.  Because she’s too stinking sweet and besides, I think it will be close to bedtime when we’re there.  But no.  This morning I got an email from a high school friend.  He and his wife of one week longer than us are at 11 weeks.  I’m so excited for them and have already offered babysitting.

After all, this is getting nearly unbearable.

The other day, I saw the most ridiculously adorable stuffed animal and had to force myself not to purchase it.

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