Open Letters

Dear Mr. Home Fry,

It’s not technically visualization if you show them the movie first.  Showing them the scene you just read to them and telling them to draw it requires no imagination.

Dear Confused Parent,

I ceased to have your child last year in June.  Teachers change every year.  Try asking his current teachers how he’s doing in school.  I have no clue.

Dear Migraine,

Stop sucking my will to live.  I will defeat you, curled in the fetal position while whimpering for my mommy.

Dear IEP parent,

Your child is doing fine in my class.  I’m not sure why you just rambled for 10 minutes about accommodations and whether I’m sure I am meeting them.  I repeat.  Your child is doing fine.  Would you like a flow chart or a graphic organizer to understand that information better?

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    […] 17, 2010 by Mrs. Cookie Last year, I wrote a snarky post about parent teacher conferences and the misery of them.  This  year, I’m still feeling […]

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