Highlights of my day

It’s true, I’ve been a touch cranky lately.  So, I thought today would be a perfect time to list the great things that happened in an otherwise blah day.

1)  I was asked by TWO separate (as opposed to conjoined) co-workers to bake stuff for them FOR CASH MONEY, fool!

2)  I made it to the gym (not to the class I wanted, but… small victories)

3)  After months of being lazy, I got my two favorite sweaters back from the dry cleaner

4)  I came home to find my downstairs neighbors raking the leaves.  One less thing for me to do this weekend!

5)  I got invited to what appears to be a very exciting holiday party

6)  I started planning what to wear to friend Thanksgiving and was excited because I just bought new (smaller) clothes that fit

7)  I washed my new skinny jeans so I can wear them to work tomorrow

8)  A couple students proclaimed they were happy they have me instead of another teacher (I swear it’s not a popularity contest)

Looking back, maybe it was more than a blah day.  🙂

Happy holidays, readers.

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