Mr. Cookie and I have been getting in better shape lately.  Or rather, I should say that up until I came down with a bad case of the hack-until-your-head-hurts-and-blood-comes-out illness we were getting in shape.  Now it’s more like Mr. Cookie is getting in better shape and I’m scared by my shape.  I realize that when you’ve got a chesty (heh.  chesty) sickness it’s best not to run.  I also realize that this week I spent my evenings helping a local theatre group with auditions and had little time to myself for things like gym, showering, or sleeping.  But I also realize I probably could have squeezed a half hour in doing weights here and there.  And I definitely could have not eaten crap every day for a week.

Then, today I was supposed to meet up with him for a work event and forgot.  Instead I came home and passed out for six hours and now I can’t sleep and I have a headache.  So, I’m blogging.  Which is obviously the logical thing to do in this situation.  Thing is, I still don’t feel great.  I feel out of step with everything.

My training plan.  My diet.  My husband.

So, I’m putting it out there largely to say “this was not my best week.”  And to be better.  I want to have a good weekend with my husband, who I feel like I’ve barely seen all week except for when I come in late at night and crawl into bed next to his passed out figure.  I want to run.  I want to start eating healthy again.

I really want this headache to go away.


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