Did someone mention cake?

Did I mention I like to bake?  This holiday, a co-worker who throws the holiday party at his house every year asked if I would provide the sweets.  Thinking it would be the perfect time to show off my skills and potentially get people addicted to ordering my stuff, I agreed.  Here are the finished products.

A carrot cake with maple cream cheese frosting.  I had one lady ask if it contained raisins because she’s allergic.  1)  people put raisins in carrot cake?? and 2) people can be allergic to raisins?  Weird.  She was very excited to find out it had no raisins.

Butter cake with lemon curd filling (kind of like a thicker lemon meringue pie filling).  The drawing on top is a buttercream transfer from an image the art teacher drew for me.  🙂

Of course, I saved the best for last.  This was a chocolate cake with a  new peppermint cream cheese filling.  It was AMAZING.  I say was because it was demolished faster than any of the others (although, now that I think about it, they were all pretty much obliterated by the end of the night).

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