Oh, come on!

In my vast amounts of spare time, I help out my undergrad school by doing admissions interview for them.  This year, I’ve gotten one assignment.  You may be wondering “why only one?” and I would gladly answer that I have, as of yet, been unable to schedule this kid for an interview.  If I’d wanted to deal with excuses, trust me, I would have stayed teaching high school.  6th graders aren’t that creative.

But. this. girl. Seriously.  I called her a day or two after I got the assignment.  Her mom answered.  Said she’d call back.  She didn’t.  So I tried again a few days later and left a message.  Nothing.  I tried her email address.  She responded immediately saying she wanted to meet.  We set a date and place but she never told me when.  I emailed her again asking when.  NO RESPONSE!  Just when I’m about to file the report as a no go, she emails me.  “Oops!  Your email went into my spam!”  Please.  It went from a gmail address to a gmail address and you expect me to believe that?  Whatever.  By the way, now a month has passed.

I agree to still interview her.  The interview coordinator agrees that if the interview is not set up within the week, I can just file it as a failure.  Then TODAY, a WEEK after the last email, she FINALLY emails me back, as if no time has passed.  As if we’re old friends chatting (LOL).  “Next weekend is great!  Satrdy or Sundy ok wit me. U?”  I’m so tempted to ignore her email for a week.  Or just file it as a failure.  Catty?


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