The Jeoparfamily

This is a shout out to my friend Andrea who kicked butt on Jeopardy tonight.  This now makes the Jeoparfamily whole.  First, her husband Dan Pawson kicked ass, then her daughter Becca waited to be born until she deemed appropriate- during a Final Jeopardy under the title of “Baby Names.” Also, who gives birth with Jeopardy in the background??  Seriously, only a Jeoparfamily.

Way to go, lady friend.  Way to go.  Even if the uber-nerds think your wagering sucked.

And to everyone else, watch her second game tomorrow.  Or, if you live somewhere lame like Boston where they’re booting Jeopardy for a football game pre-show, then watch it on Saturday.  AND NO PEEKING BEFORE THEN!!  Or if you do, don’t ruin it for me.

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    your sis said,

    Is this an Andrea that I know? and if so how can I see her on Jeopardy?

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