Ain’t no Hermes

Runners seem to wear feet maladies as war badges.  We compare them.  We count blisters after a particularly long race (I’m looking at YOU, Mr. Cookie- post marathon #1).  We talk about the dread “black toenail.”  It wasn’t until recently that I was able to count myself among those with significant foot problems.  Since Sunday, I’ve already logged in at 15 miles this week.  And yesterday, while sitting in “the soup” (also known as the hot tub at Healthworks), I noticed that my right foot seems to have developed a particularly gruesome bit of topography.


Yes, I just posted a picture of my foot.  Yes, I promise you that gagging sensation will go away momentarily.  If not, you might want to see a doctor.  At any rate, you will notice that the blister has rings.  RINGS, I tell you!  It’s like the freaking Grand Canyon with its layers of rock and shit.  It started as one blister (duh).  Then, that blister deflated and I picked away the skin to reveal… another blister!  And so forth.  Three or four times.  And, because what girl doesn’t like red tinted skin, I now sport a stylish red spot which I an only identify as a blood blister.  Do yourself a favor and don’t google that because believe me, there are MUCH MUCH worse looking ones out there on this wild and crazy internet.  Seriously.

Anyway, the half is only 30 days away and I have two more weeks of building up mileage before I start tapering.  Woo!!  I’m feeling pretty good about this race.  Who would have ever thought I’d say that?


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  1. 1

    Mr. Cookie said,

    As an American, I am upset that you think any fecal matter is present in, near, or within a 100-mile radius of the Grand Canyon. Turn in your papers, commie.

  2. 2

    Mrs. Cookie said,

    Oh, you think you’re so funny! But you forget, there is shit near and in the Grand Canyon because I was there (remember? Several years ago. It’s okay. I know your feeble mind is faltering. That comes with age and baldness).

  3. 3

    […] not calling me crazy to my face, even when parts of me were bleeding that never should be and my foot looked like it wanted to fall off my […]

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