What the Bloody… Crap?

“Tell me a story,” I asked him as we jogged through mile 11 toward the finish of our run.

“What about?” he gamely asked.

“Oh, anything.  Just keep me preoccupied through this last mile so I don’t get down and tired.”  So, he did.  He told me about his Granddad and all the adventures they used to have.  He told me about the time his sister got banned for life from the golf course when she was 10 because she drove the cart into a water hazard.  We finished my longest run together.  He, ever the good running partner, silently cheering me on.

I may not have run it at the end of a grueling 20 miles.  I may not be a true marathoner.  I doubt I will ever run the Boston Marathon.  But today, I (along with Mr. Cookie) ran Heartbreak Hill and the hills of Newton.  Today was my longest run to date.  It was also the steepest.

12.2 miles

1,737 feet ascended

11:18 pace (shut up, that’s good for me for this distance)

But the biggest part?  It felt damn good.  It didn’t hurt that I had Mr. C to keep my mind off that last mile.

Annnnnnnnd, cut to two hours later.  In the ER.  The doctor is telling me that the reason I had such… bathroom issues… after the run is because I have something called “marathon runners ischemic colitis.”  Not highly dangerous, not life threatening, mostly just uncomfortable and something to try to avoid.

Somehow, it was validating.  Call me gross, call me ridiculous, but it was a physical manifestation of all the hard work.  I still get to run the half marathon and while the doctor told me to take it easier for the next couple weeks, I was planning on doing that anyway because HELLO, I’M TAPERING NOW!  Have I mentioned I get to taper now?

Diet of bread and Gatorade aside, I feel like I’m on top of the world today.  This must be what a runner’s high feels like.

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    Mr. Cookie said,

    Let’s be honest: you were on top of the world on the ride back from Wellesley. You were all smiles and laughs and radiance and love. You’re still doing great, but the runner’s high came a little earlier in the day.

  2. 2

    […] thanks for not calling me crazy to my face, even when parts of me were bleeding that never should be and my foot looked like it wanted to fall off my […]

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