13 Days

What a doozy of a day.

For those of us who teach or have taught, do you find the beginning of February to be exhausting?  I do.  The kids seem extra antsy.

I’m usually fairly patient and the kids are usually pretty good but today, 7th period, I got really fed up.  The constant chatting, the not listening, the having to repeat instructions 5 times, etcetera.  I’m so ready for break.  I feel like I didn’t have one today.

In 13 days, I will be in Texas running the half marathon.  Mr. Cookie and I did not get out for our long run yesterday so I have to do it now.  It’s beautiful out right now and it will hopefully relieve some of the residual stress left over from the day. I’m actually kind of looking forward to it.

On the other hand, I also kind of just want to sleep.

In other, rambly news, LOST premier tomorrow!  I’m wicked excited.

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