Anatomy of a Niece Cookie’s Birthday Cake

Me:  “What flavors do you think Niece would like?”

Sister Cookie:  “Well, I know I want chocolate cake with the strawberry filling.”

Hey, when you’re four, apparently you don’t get much say in your birthday cake flavors.

And thus began the great cake assemblage of ’10.  Not to say I haven’t done this before.  Many times.  This was just the first major one of this year.  I thought I would document it so you could see a little bit of the work that goes in to making a Mrs. Cookie Special.

Once you’ve made your cake layers (I always bake from scratch, but that’s personal preference), freeze them overnight.  This makes carving off the hump easier.  And then, you have a flat surface to put your filling into!  But before you go crazy with the filling, a frosting dam.

As you can see, it doesn’t have to be pretty.  It just has to be air and filling-tight.

Then, fill the beaut with your filling of choice (in this case, Sister Cookie’s filling of choice)

Gorgeous, darling, gorgeous (also, thanks to my sous chef, Mr. Cookie, for chopping the berries for me)

Slap a top layer on that sucker and chink the cabin!

By chink, of course, I mean fill in any spots missed by the frosting dam.  And by cabin, of course, I mean cake.

Time to frost (and eat yourself into a diabetic coma as you “taste test” the frosting)

I’m sorry.  Did I just hear you make fun of my frosting job???  That’s just the crumb coat.  It holds in all the debris and when it hardens, your final coat is nice and smooth!

Go on.  You just stay in there until you’re nice and hard (that’s what she said).

NOW you can do the final coat and the border.  Novice.

Ignore the border.  It should not have looked like that.  Still working on that one.  Moving on!

I was told this cake needed to be of the… Dora… persuasion.  So, I decided on a buttercream transfer (which is another post for another day).  Long story short, I used too much dye for Dora’s skin, it came out too dark, I didn’t have enough frosting left over to lighten her, and voila, Cabo Dora (she was wintering down there and stayed out in the sun for too long).

Oh, be quiet!  WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE???!!!


Happy birthday, peanut.

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    Maurie said,

    Aww my daughter would LOVE that cake

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