Queso Withdrawal

You’ve heard about the highlight of our trip, but I thought it only fitting to tell you… the rest of the story.

Those of you who follow me on Facebook are aware that my love for queso knows no bounds.  The means of conveyance is less important.  Whether it be tortilla chips, flour tortillas, corn tortillas, fire hose, as long as it winds up in my mouth I’m happy.  Except for the particularly crappy from-a-can queso we experienced in the Stockyards in Fort Worth.  NOT WORTH IT!

Still, the trip was not only about queso.  In my estimation, we ate Tex-Mex for about 90% of our meals (Mr. Cookie may or may not have approved of that).  But, eating probably only took up oh, say, about 50% of our time (I kid, I kid) so let’s take a look at what else we did while in the great state!


Thanks to a fabulous tourguide and her awesome aunt (pronounced like the bug, you non-Texans) and uncle’s hospitality, Austin was a very enjoyable experience.  While there, we explored UT and wondered at the huge ratio of burnt orange clothing.  Of note, we checked out the Ransom Center where we saw some very very cool stuff from Gone With the Wind. This was my grandpa’s favorite movie and it also holds a very special place in my heart. We also saw a park hosting a pet adoption event.  One dog stole my heart and made me wish we could own a dog.  Some pictures:

University of Texas

Scarlett O'Hara's gown



Of course, we also had the race in Austin.  We went to the Texas History Museum and also explored their capital building.

I find it amusing that the governor’s portraits in the rotunda end with George W. Bush.  I kept wondering where they’re hiding the portraits of other governors that have come since him.  Overall, we really enjoyed this city.  It had a vibrant arts scene, an energized populace, and amazing food.  We were sad to see it go, but San Antonio and A’s parents’ ranch were waiting.

San Antonio/Seguin

Our friend A grew up on a ranch outside of San Antonio.  When we first started planning this trip, her mom let us know that we would be welcome to stay at the cabin down by the lake on their ranch.

It was a drive to get from there to SA, but well worth it.  I am still overwhelmed by the kind hospitality shown by people we’d never met before.  I hope one day to be able to do the same for someone else.  You’ve got to see Mr. Cookie’s bedtime companion!

A’s dad hunts and their  house is decorated with taxidermied animals.  I felt so bad for her parents because they were falling over themselves trying to explain their reasoning or soothing hurt feelings that did not exist.  Fact is, we’re aware that everyone makes their own choices and has their own beliefs and we’re totally fine with that.  I’ve never enjoyed people who shove their beliefs down my throat so far be it from me to do it.  Also, it helped that they plied us with beer. 🙂

Other than hanging out at the ranch, we also made it into San Antonio where we went on the Riverwalk (so beautiful).  We also went to the Alamo (because, you know,  it was a must).

You wouldn’t know it to look at this picture, but it is smack in the middle of downtown.

One other major thing we did was go to the McNay museum.

If you’re ever in San Antonio, you should really go to this museum.  It’s an art museum that started out in this woman’s home after her death and has continued to grow.  She was an artist who got her start at the Chicago Art Institute and moved down  here later.  She encouraged arts in the area, even going so far as to invite local students to paint in this courtyard.  She was also an avid collector of art and it’s this collection that serves as a base for the museum now.  It’s largely 19th and 20th century art and also has a nice collection of Southwest art.  My favorite part though, was the Theatre Arts exhibit.

Forth Worth

This trip was entirely to please me.  It was absolutely a trip down memory lane.  We stalked the house that I lived in.  It used to be plain brick, but I like how they painted it.

1817 Clover Lane

We tried to go to our old breakfast haunt (Burdav’s Cafe), but they had closed.  So sad.  I also dragged Mr. Cookie to the Water Gardens, where he marveled at the potential lawsuits and liability issues but also enjoyed the surroundings.

We also went to the Stockyards where we were just in time to see a cattle drive!

Other things we did while in Ft Worth:  The Kimball Art Museum and The Omni Theatre at the Science Museum (don’t laugh, we always used to go when I was little, it was $7, and they always do this thing at the beginning where  you’re in a helicopter flying over Ft Worth).  We also went to the Japanese Gardens where we fed the fish in the koi pond and Mr. Cookie marveled at all the fun things we had to do when I was little.

Mr. Cookie rode a… bar stool and stared at a stuffed buffalo butt

I made a new friend (do not touch!)

We stayed in an old-timey hotel in the Stockyards

It was a really great trip.  I’m a little sad to be back, partially because of the queso, partially because of the tortillas, but largely because in coming back I realized that while I love Boston, a lot of our friends are leaving and moving on.  I am ready to do the same.  I want to live somewhere warmer (why do I get the feeling that is going to come back and bite me in the ass?).  I want to live somewhere where random strangers are friendly.  I want to live somewhere where there is a great pride of place (but not the “we are the best and everyone else can suck it” attitude I see so much of in Boston).  When we were in the Stockyards, we went into the visitor’s center and this sweet old man was just bursting with pride over all Fort Worth has to offer.  Thing is, he wasn’t the only one.  Everywhere we went in TX, it seemed like people felt the same way.  It was really neat.

Yes, it’s almost time to move on.  To a place with good queso, perhaps?


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    Tim said,

    The reason the Texas state capitol Governor’s portraits end with George W. Bush is because he is the most recent, previous Governor. The current Governor, Rick Perry, has been in office since W. left. The new portraits are only hung after the Governor leaves office.
    Thanks for visiting.

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    […] kicked off the year right with our trip to Texas in February to run the Austin Half Marathon.  There are two ornaments here, one to commemorate the […]

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