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Hi, readers!

I just wanted to update you on some changes around this here blog.  You should know that, going forward, Mr. Cookie will be a contributor on the blog.  Hop on over to the new “About” page to see some updates including a profile written by Mr. Cookie about himself.  Enjoy!!


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Identity Crisis

When Mr. Cookie and I started dating, we both had very clear hobbies that we each excelled at with little overlap.  We complemented each other nicely.  I was the one who cooked (and it is quite possibly the way I won him over).  He was the one who excelled academically and could debate you under a table.  He stimulated me mentally.  I stimulated him through gustatory means.  I was the one who enjoyed theatre.  He enjoyed sports.

Over the years, our interests have become more shared, which is nice in many ways and frustrating in some.  We’ve still had our divergent interests and strengths though.  However, in the last few months, I feel that things I used to excel at, my special unique talents, Mr. Cookie has been vastly improving at while I stand still.  He loves to cook now and, quite frankly, the things I am best at cooking no longer figure in to the diet that we’ve set out for ourselves.  I don’t really do theatre so much any more.  I’ve joined him intermittently in the sports thing, but I’m never going to be as fast, strong, or dedicated as he is.

So basically, I’m feeling like the things I bring to the marriage as part of my identity are no longer important or as needed (except for maybe laundry skills, but who wants THAT to be their “talent”?).  I feel completely immature feeling that way, but I need to find something new, something that is uniquely mine to excel at.  Thoughts?

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Veg Out

It finally happened.

After nearly 7.5 years, Mr. Cookie and I are calling it quits.

It’s just wasn’t working.  We weren’t happy.  It had even become potentially unhealthy.

Granted, we’re not completely thrilled about the idea, but…

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Out of Control

A couple weeks ago, I was staying after with a rather awkward child whose main fault is that his vocabulary and “worldly” knowledge far outweigh his social graces.  This is a child whose main obsession is one day becoming a paleontologist and to this end, will gladly draw you any dinosaur you request.  He also shows an unusual talent for turning the tin foil wrapper of his daily sandwich into all varieties of dinosaur.

Despite his great obsession with this rather academic centered career, he strongly dislikes school and anything that reeks of work turns him off.  For this reason, he was in my room making up work that he had just not “[felt] like doing” on the day it was assigned.  He leaned over my desk as he labored over a worksheet and chatted with me as he worked.  After a few minutes, I noticed his feet were doing a jig and his whole backside soon took up the dance while he continued to work.  Knowing this child’s tendencies towards scatterbrained qualities and based on the fact that I’d had a child with… productive gas… earlier in the day, I shifted the conversation.

Mrs. C:  Umm, R, do you need to go potty?

R:  (suddenly, and slightly offended) What??  NO! (jerks upwards and stops the dance)

Mrs. C:  Are you sure?

R:  Yes!  (pause) Wait a minute.  Is it because I was standing like this (bends over in half as he just was standing over the desk)

Mrs. C:  Perhaps.

R:  And could it have been because I was also doing this (still bent over, starts moving his butt and legs around frantically without holding on to anything)

Mrs. C:  That could have been part of it too, I suppose.

R:  Oh.  Well, that’s just how I calm myself down so I can focus.

Mrs. C:  It’s good that you know that about yourself.

R:  (nonchalantly) Yeah.  But also, I gotta just keep movin, see.  (grabs midsection and jiggles) I’ve gotta get the pounds off.

Mrs. C:  Oh yeah?

R:  Oh, yes.  I weigh too much for my age.

Mrs. C:  So do you exercise?

R:  Of course.

Mrs. C:  What do you do?

R:  Oh, you know, I just gotta keep movin’ all the time, you know.

Mrs. C:  And are you trying to eat healthier food?

R:  (appalled and slightly insulted) Mrs. COOKIE!  That is simply out of my control.

Mrs. C:  How come?

R:  I cannot be expected to eat food that is good for me.  See, food that is good for you does NOT taste good and I can not be expected to eat food that does not taste good.

Mrs. C:  What about food like bananas?  Those are good for you.

R:  (absolutely disgusted now) No they are not.

This is also the child who, on another occasion when there were a lot of kids in my room, decided to burst out in the Lollipop song while retaking a quiz (lollipop, lollipop, oh lolly lolly lolly).

Then, yesterday, this other kid (keep in mind I teach 6th grade) who we privately compare to a squirrel because he’s, well, tiny and never stops moving (and has the sharp, inquisitive movements of a squirrel), informed me that “If I get another “F” my dad told me he would put me in construction!” Yikes!  He better start bulking up.  He’s got a killer sense of humor, too.  One day in Science class, the teacher told him to take a seat under one of her newly hung inflatable planets.  A couple seconds later, he raised his hand, and when called on said “I might get in trouble for this, but… I thought you should know I’m sitting under Uranus.”  He was right, of course, and he did not get in trouble.  🙂

Some days, these little anecdotes get me through the day.

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Heard and Seen at the RMV

I had to go to the RMV today to get a new copy of the car registration because I lost the old one.  Woops.  I read somewhere on the VERY RELIABLE internet that to get a new one online would cost $10 more and after waiting for about a half hour, I learned it was all lies.  It costs the same!  Blah.  But, without my grand trip to the RMV, I would not have gotten to see these truly wonderful gems of humankind.

Scene One

(two women slightly younger than me but dressed like they’re in HS stand filling out a form for one girl’s driver’s license or permit test or something like that)

Girl One: (filling out form for other girl) Hey.  Do you want to register to vote?

Girl Two:  I think I might be already.

Girl One:  You don’t know?

Girl Two:  I think so.  Are you?

Girl One:  Like I care! (Still filling out form) Hey, are you a Democrat or Republican?

Girl Two:  What are those even?

Girl One:  I don’t know.  Just, like, pick one.

Girl Two:  What is Obama?

Girl One:  Umm… (Stares off into space for a second)

Girl Two:  ‘Cause I’ll be whatever he is.  I’m Obama’s girl!

Girl One:  I think he’s Republican?

Scene Two

(middle aged Italian man stands behind customer service counter.  He looks up and starts to gesture to the next in line but, thinking better of it, holds his hand up to them and calls out)

Customer Service Agent:  Is anybody heah to take the permit test?  Ahh you heah to take the permit test?  (waits a few seconds while there are inaudible conversations going on up and down the line). Come fahwud if yah heah to take the permit test.  (people start shuffling around.  One old man with a younger man start to come forward, stop, start speaking to each other in Spanish, then step forward again and stop, holding up the line of permit testers behind them). PERMIT!  (Looks directly at the two men and starts gesturing in the air with a snapping gesture and a slight lean forward as he says each following letter) P.  E.  Ahhh.  M.  I.  T.  Permit!  You heah to take yah permit test?  Come up heah!

Oh, racial tension in the Boston burbs.  I love how he thought spelling it out would ease their understanding.  I wish I had spoken Spanish, because I would have gladly translated.

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My husband has informed me that if I do not update he will be forced to remove me from his RSS feed.  Nice one.  So, an obligatory, if uninspired, post.

I haven’t been posting lately for a few reasons:

1) I’ve been in a weird funk.  I’m stuck at a point where I’m ready for change or something exciting; life has become routine and it’s a routine that is far from wonderful.  No one wants to read about how little I see my husband or how I am tired of being in my car or how said car probably needs a bunch of suspension work because of the wonderful roads near us or how I am on the verge of a total shutdown from work stress.

2) Family stuff.  My mom and aunt came in to town somewhat unexpectedly a few weeks ago so I’ve been spending more time than usual traveling, which has eaten into my weekend time.  Two weekends ago, it was the ski trip.  Last weekend, it was Maine to see mom, Sister Cookie, and the kiddos along with dealing with the effects of flooding in my basement and frantically trying to catch up on household chores (woo!).  Then, on my three days off from school at the beginning of this week, I was also doing family stuff.  Namely, driving to CT for the second time in a couple weeks (I took an emergency personal day when my mom and aunt first came in so I could drive them down to CT) and accompanying a special Sister-in-law Cookie to a routine procedure that she needed done before she can leave for Oxford next month (Oxford!  So proud of her).  Here are mom, Sister Cookie and I last weekend.  Clearly, one of these things is not like the other.  I took after my dad even though I am almost half French.

Also, pardon the camera quality.  It was taken on my iPhone by a waitress who seemed like she’d never seen one before.  This was the least shaky of the bunch.

3)  MCAS.  This damn test has drained my will to live.  I’ve been killing myself to get these kids ready but part of me is paranoid that they’re going to take it about as seriously as last year’s kids (which is to say, not seriously at all).  Still, I think this  year’s kids probably will and I come home from school at night completely drained.  I was so thankful when the gym teachers called my room yesterday and asked if they could steal a couple of my classes to let them blow off some steam and give me some time to catch up on stuff around my classroom.  Has my frazzlement been that obvious?  But also, what kind of cookies do you like?

So, pardon me for my hiatus.  Still, I’m hoping for a change soon.  Things have to start changing and looking up soon.  To show myself something of a rainbow at the end of all this, I bought a painting done by a local artist.  This painting will hopefully encourage me to work out more because in a couple years’ time my body is going to be needed for a very important task and it needs to be at its best.  I bought it to remind me of that end goal.  It will look great in our future child’s room one day.

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Bright but Cold

I made a terrible mistake today.

I wore a short sleeved shirt.

To work.

Work likes to turn the heat off around… oh, 10 o’clock.

Cheap, under-funded, budget deficit fearing, lay-off preventing bastards.

It’s that weird in between weather where you’re all “Like, OMG, I don’t need a jacket because it’s WARM” but really it’s only just warm enough not to be wearing full winter get-up and honestly it’s not really really warm and you KNOW it will get cold again but your insatiable optimism leaves you wearing a thin short sleeve shirt with no fleece (that disappeared from  your desk chair about a month ago) and no shawl (it’s too WARM to wear that!).  Weather, give me a snowstorm or get hot.  This in between stuff is not appreciated.

In other, sunshinier news, Girly-Q’s cake came out okay (second fondant attempt- first one shall never be shown here) and thankfully, a complete absence of Dora’s doppelganger.  I will not, however, be putting fondant over cream cheese again.  It was a bitch to smooth.

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