Bright but Cold

I made a terrible mistake today.

I wore a short sleeved shirt.

To work.

Work likes to turn the heat off around… oh, 10 o’clock.

Cheap, under-funded, budget deficit fearing, lay-off preventing bastards.

It’s that weird in between weather where you’re all “Like, OMG, I don’t need a jacket because it’s WARM” but really it’s only just warm enough not to be wearing full winter get-up and honestly it’s not really really warm and you KNOW it will get cold again but your insatiable optimism leaves you wearing a thin short sleeve shirt with no fleece (that disappeared from  your desk chair about a month ago) and no shawl (it’s too WARM to wear that!).  Weather, give me a snowstorm or get hot.  This in between stuff is not appreciated.

In other, sunshinier news, Girly-Q’s cake came out okay (second fondant attempt- first one shall never be shown here) and thankfully, a complete absence of Dora’s doppelganger.  I will not, however, be putting fondant over cream cheese again.  It was a bitch to smooth.

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