My husband has informed me that if I do not update he will be forced to remove me from his RSS feed.  Nice one.  So, an obligatory, if uninspired, post.

I haven’t been posting lately for a few reasons:

1) I’ve been in a weird funk.  I’m stuck at a point where I’m ready for change or something exciting; life has become routine and it’s a routine that is far from wonderful.  No one wants to read about how little I see my husband or how I am tired of being in my car or how said car probably needs a bunch of suspension work because of the wonderful roads near us or how I am on the verge of a total shutdown from work stress.

2) Family stuff.  My mom and aunt came in to town somewhat unexpectedly a few weeks ago so I’ve been spending more time than usual traveling, which has eaten into my weekend time.  Two weekends ago, it was the ski trip.  Last weekend, it was Maine to see mom, Sister Cookie, and the kiddos along with dealing with the effects of flooding in my basement and frantically trying to catch up on household chores (woo!).  Then, on my three days off from school at the beginning of this week, I was also doing family stuff.  Namely, driving to CT for the second time in a couple weeks (I took an emergency personal day when my mom and aunt first came in so I could drive them down to CT) and accompanying a special Sister-in-law Cookie to a routine procedure that she needed done before she can leave for Oxford next month (Oxford!  So proud of her).  Here are mom, Sister Cookie and I last weekend.  Clearly, one of these things is not like the other.  I took after my dad even though I am almost half French.

Also, pardon the camera quality.  It was taken on my iPhone by a waitress who seemed like she’d never seen one before.  This was the least shaky of the bunch.

3)  MCAS.  This damn test has drained my will to live.  I’ve been killing myself to get these kids ready but part of me is paranoid that they’re going to take it about as seriously as last year’s kids (which is to say, not seriously at all).  Still, I think this  year’s kids probably will and I come home from school at night completely drained.  I was so thankful when the gym teachers called my room yesterday and asked if they could steal a couple of my classes to let them blow off some steam and give me some time to catch up on stuff around my classroom.  Has my frazzlement been that obvious?  But also, what kind of cookies do you like?

So, pardon me for my hiatus.  Still, I’m hoping for a change soon.  Things have to start changing and looking up soon.  To show myself something of a rainbow at the end of all this, I bought a painting done by a local artist.  This painting will hopefully encourage me to work out more because in a couple years’ time my body is going to be needed for a very important task and it needs to be at its best.  I bought it to remind me of that end goal.  It will look great in our future child’s room one day.

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