Veg Out

It finally happened.

After nearly 7.5 years, Mr. Cookie and I are calling it quits.

It’s just wasn’t working.  We weren’t happy.  It had even become potentially unhealthy.

Granted, we’re not completely thrilled about the idea, but…

… so it came to pass, that Mr. and Mrs. Cookie ceased the practice of vegetarianism, and PETA gave up all hope for the goodness of mankind.

A few weeks ago, Mr. Cookie and I were standing in Chipotle (mmm, Chipotle) when somehow the topic of our vegetarianism came up.  The open dialogue we’d been having for a couple months was coming to a head.  A few days later, Mr. Cookie came to the decision that being vegetarian was no longer the healthiest choice for him (and he’d always said he would continue to do it so long as it remained healthy).  Then, just days after that and faced with the choice of yet another dinner of bread, cheese, mashed potatoes, and butter or my Mim’s amazing galumpkis (ground beef and rice wrapped in cabbage and simmered in tomato sauce all day), I caved as well.

For the last 7.5 years, Mr. Cookie had abstained from meat and for the last 7.25, I had done the same.  For him it spurred the beginning of years of impressive weight-loss and for me it marked the beginning of a gradual weight gain.  Now, all this time later, we are both at different places in terms of weight than when we started, but both of us still stand against one issue.  High body fat percentage.  Lean muscle mass eludes us.  I worried about how much processed soy he was eating given recent studies and he worried that I didn’t eat enough protein.

I’m the first one to admit that my diet is often less than perfect.  Too often, I find myself falling back on the old standbys carbs and dairy.  But even in the times when I was exercising regularly (cardio AND strength) and eating healthfully, I found it hard to shed pounds and even worse, when I did shed pounds I was finding that my body fat percentage was very slow to follow.  So, I’m trying something new.  It’s hard to motivate yourself when you’re not seeing progress.

It’s not easy, and I still feel residual guilt, but I’m trying to be as ethical and  healthy in my meat choices as possible and I’m easing into it.  I don’t eat meat every day.  I have been trying my hand at different ways of preparing chicken breasts mostly.  It’s kind of scary.  But I’m working on it.

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  1. 1

    Mom Cookie said,

    Hey cookie couple!!

    I am confident that this new period in your lives will be handled with care and knowledge. I know this because it is how you live.
    Take care and be happy together. 🙂
    Cannot wait to see you both!


    Mom Cookie

  2. 2

    sister cookie said,

    Wow, very cool, but it must seem a little strange after so long. If you need any tips, the big cookie over here will have some since he has been vegetarian before and then changed back over……..

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