Weather or Not

Part of the way through this last week, I got an email from Mr. Cookie asking how I would feel about getting down to the Cape this weekend since the weather was going to be so beautiful.  We decided to make a day of it visiting family, getting in some good exercise, and eating some good food.

So this morning, after a rather uneventful home visit from a lady from the life insurance company (we’re getting it in the eventuality that one of us should kick the bucket early so the other one is provided for) we hopped in our loaded up car with the bikes strapped on the back and set off on our adventure.

The weather wasn’t always cooperative (gusty winds and chilly evening temps) but we had a really lovely day.  I have to say, I think the time I love Mr. Cookie the most exuberantly is in the warmer weather.  I don’t know why; maybe we just drive each other nuts cooped up in the winter.  Our wonderful day played out like this:


We love Nan.  She’s a woman who has seen arms factories during World War II (she is originally from England and made ammunition for the War), raised four wonderful kids AND managed immigration to the US.  We don’t see her enough.  So, we stopped by her house (where she lives with one of Mr. Cookie’s aunts and her husband) and spent a lovely early afternoon socializing.  Then, it was off for a picnic and bike ride.

Food and Exercise

I’d packed us a picnic which we ate just before we started our ride on the Cape Cod Rail Trail.  We had tuna fish sandwiches with romaine lettuce on wheat bread, cucumbers with hummus, pepper jack cheese, and a fruit salad I made.  We’re trying to limit our sugar intake, so we’ve been relying on fruits to get our sweet fix.  I made it with bananas, raspberries, apple, greek yogurt, marscapone (just a little to make it rich and creamy), lemon and orange juice.  YUM!  After we’d eaten, we hopped on the bikes and rode 25 miles (oh, and we stopped a little over halfway through, pulled out the resistance bands, and did a short arms and abs workout).  Like I said, it was beautiful, if quite windy.  Mr. Cookie had to rough it out because he was riding his commuter bike (read:  heavy) with the saddle bags, which worked very effectively as drag.

Mom and Dad

Once we were good and sweaty, it was off to Mr. Cookie’s mom and dad’s.  Showers were had, Mr. Cookie and his dad planned a short baseball trip they have coming up in May, and much respect and love was paid the very wonderful, very deserving cat Tibby.  It was good to sit and converse with the three of them (don’t forget the cat).

A New England Dinner

At this point it was dinner time and our bellies were reminding us that we’d just cycled 25 miles.  So, we stopped by this casual seafood restaurant on the canal where Mr. Cookie got a seafood platter (shrimp, scallops, clam bellies, and haddock) and I got the fish and chips.  I know, my seafood tastes are tame.  I blame it on growing up in 1) Germany and 2) Northern Texas.  Until we moved to the East Coast in 6th grade, my idea of seafood was 1) fish sticks (not to be confused with fish dicks) and 2) Long John Silver’s.  Sue me.

A Walk in the Freeze

We did it.  We went to the beach.  We were hardly dressed for it.  We froze our asses off.  But it was nice to hear the surf and walk off some of our dinner.  After this we went to a local ice cream place where I’d like to say we each got a little scoop of something not too horrible but instead we got there and they were having a 2 for 1 opening weekend sundae special.  Woops.  So much for a calorie deficit today.

Have I mentioned how I love days like this with my husband?  Because I do.  But the best part is going to be curling up next to him tonight and passing out in two seconds from a well deserved exhaustion.

Hope you all enjoyed the sun today too, for those of you who had it.


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