In the Name of Science!

Last week, we found out one of the teachers in our building was getting an award.  Last weekend, I made a cake.  Last weekend, I also managed to:  slap the counter so hard I formed a blood blister on one of my fingers, irritate my husband by asking him to go to the store just one more time, and drive around frantically to FOUR different stores (AC Moore- closed, Michael’s- closed, Stop & Shop, and Shaw’s) in the moments before ALL STORES MUST CLOSE BECAUSE OF THE HOLIDAY FOR ZOMBIES AND BUNNIES to find somewhere that would sell me a cake box (I finally found one at Shaw’s, thankyouverymuch).  It was a little chaotic.  But, I think this cake came out pretty well!  Take a peek!

It’s a limoncello cake with limoncello filling and limoncello buttercream (I’m sensing a theme…)

See, there are beakers, a dissection tray and scalpel with frog, and a meter stick.  Exciting stuff.  Some close-ups:

I know, my fondant work could use a little practice.  But, it’s way past what I’ve done before!  Progress.  🙂  What’s that?  You want to see more of that adorable dissection victim frog?  Okay.  Apparently, whenever they come home, her son immediately wants to “visit” the frog, who is currently living under a cake dome so they can continue to look at him.

That’s all, folks!

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