Last time, my sister chose the flavor.  This time, I didn’t give her the option (I’m mean like that).  Turns out, it didn’t matter much.  All I did was change the filling from strawberry to cherry and the frosting from plain buttercream to chocolate buttercream (oh, sweet blessing of the gods!).  I did, however, ask what decorating scheme she wanted for the joint birthday cake that would celebrate two of my nephews.  The response was bugs.  Being new to fondant, I quickly headed over to Youtube for some suggestions.  Then, I tweaked them ever so slightly (partially to make them my own, partially because I’m nowhere near as talented as either of the linked ladies).  Anyway, bugs it was.  I started out with grand aspirations and then found myself channeling my inner Tim Gunn (“edit, edit, edit!”).  It may have still come out rather busy.  Oh, and a pleasant aside, I didn’t have enough fondant on hand for everything, so I wound up cracking open the can of gumpaste powder I’ve been sitting on for about a year now.  Behold, the end result (after the cut)

Sweet Bees made of gumpaste

A Variety of Bugs

A Squirmy Grassy Base

A Sunny, Buggy Day

So, overall I was pretty pleased with the way it came out.  As always, there are things I could nitpick (though nothing nearing Cabo Dora proportions) but I’d say for all the new skills I tried out this time, I was pretty successful.  Especially if you consider the fact that my “special” fondant/gumpaste tools include a silicon mat and nothing else.

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