There are a lot of changes happening around here.  Mr. Cookie is (as he mentioned two  posts ago) looking for a new job.  Talks about starting a family have also ramped up.  Don’t get all excited yet (MOM.  DAD.  SISTER MONKEY), because it’s still not going to happen for at least a year most likely (trying, that is- not actually popping one out).  Still, it’s time for me to get serious about dropping some weight and maintaining an active lifestyle.  To this end, Mr. Cookie and I have both put ourselves on a healthy path by increasing protein (one part of the reason we stopped being vegetarian) and limiting carbs to healthier grains (quinoa, brown rice, whole wheat).

I want something to keep me honest.  What better place than this blog?  Each Sunday, I will be updating with a short post on notes for the week (slip ups, exercise habits, current weight included).  I know a lot of you guys have fitness goals as well, so if you’d like you can post your weekly stats in the comments.  If you’re not comfortable putting a specific number, you can always say -2 lb this week or whatever feels good for you.

Okay, so.  Baring it all:

Slip-ups:  On Friday, there were chocolate chip cookies for all the teachers that the PTO brought in.  I may have eaten 1 or 4.  Yesterday, Mr. Cookie and I met with a photographer to get some pictures of us around the neighborhood.  We were such good salesmen of our local bakery that once the  photographer left we… went and bought a couple baked goodies.  Woops.  But, we ate really reasonably the rest of the day and went out for hard workouts in the afternoon.

Eating Habits: I have a confession.  I’ve been eating Chobani Champions (Chobani for kids).  It’s still natural like regular Chobani, but less thick and a little more caloric because of the addition of sugarcane.  This week, I decided to go ahead and try the regular stuff again (last time was months ago and I didn’t like it).  I like it now!  Yay.  🙂  Also, I was in Whole Paycheck picking up some other meat and saw the fresh scallops.  Normally, I hate seafood.  But, I’m trying to be more adventurous and I know Mr. Cookie loves them.  He cooked them up and while I have to get over my mental hangups, they were pretty good.

Exercise: I found this week that I was kind of tired.  I think my body may have been fighting something because when I got my yearly blood tests done last week my white blood cell counts were off.  I got out on a couple runs, did some strength, went for a couple post dinner walks with the honey and otherwise tried to make up for the lack of physical movement by eating less.

Weight: 168.8 (down 5 pounds from 2 weeks ago)


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  1. 1

    ~Vati said,

    Don’t be too hard on yourself for occasional dietary indiscretions. You’re doing too much right exercise-wise!

    • 2

      showmeyourcookies said,

      Thanks, Daddy. I’m not putting it out there to beat up on myself (although, believe me, yesterday post Lyndells I was not pleased). I’m just putting it up to limit those slip ups since I know people are reading this and admitting to eating, say, a whole cake or box of oatmeal cream pies (that’s an homage to another person I know) is not attractive. 😛

  2. 3

    sister monkey said,

    All I can say is “You go girl!”. I weighed myself today and was quite sad when it told me that I was up to 160lbs. I have tried telling myself that the scale had been sitting outside for ages and cannot possibly be correct, but I have an odd suspicion that it is pretty close. Ever since my depression started in September, I have been putting on weight here and there, and now I have been alerted to how much!! So thank you for writing this, I will be trying to eat better, and start some exercises when I can find time.

    I would also like to say that last night (pre-weighing) I bought frosting. Nice, delicious, creamy chocolate frosting. And no, I was not planning on making a cake!!!

    I need pointers please, I am serious. If I can fit all of the kids, school, homework, and volunteering in my life then I should be able to find some time for exercise!

  3. 4

    J9 said,

    Vati told me about your blog … what a wonderful idea. Good luck with the new diet! You inspire me!


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