Sometimes, it’s important to take a step back and breathe deeply.  Especially when you’re mired in the frustrations of May in middle school.  So, when I got Sister Cookie’s invitation to come up to Maine for a barbecue in honor of two of her sons, I readily accepted.  Mr. Cookie was out of town and, wanting company for the long drive, I asked our good friend Campy to come with me.  We had a lovely day.

We saw this:

(he really was happier than this… I just didn’t get a good shot of it)

One of these:

A little of this:

And of course we can’t forget this:

Happily, there were also some of these:

And these:

Yes, Vati.  I just did that.  J9 can beat me up later.  You two look lovely.  And at least I didn’t use the one of you sucking face kissing.

Once we left the barbecue, he asked if we could take a road trip to OOB (Old Orchard Beach, for you non-Mainers).  I agreed and off we headed.

I’m so glad we did.  We plopped ourselves on the pier with beers in hand and watched adventurous souls consider dipping themselves in the frigid Atlantic while alternately trying to elude the encroaching waves.  The dance between waves and would be bathers was at once entertaining and relaxing (because we were NOT getting wet). We watched the sun set.

Then we went and played Skee-ball, where I soundly kicked butt.  This, of course, made it necessary for Campy to drive the two hours back to Boston.  ‘Cause everyone who’s anyone knows Campy likes a good bet and, in this case, his lack of knowledge regarding my killer Skee-ball skills worked to my advantage.  Hoo-ah!

Oh my god.  The live bait machine.  How could I forget?  One last shot to fulfill your every live bait desire:

Sorry, Campy is not included in the price of your live bait.  For him, extra.

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    J9 said,

    I enjoyed reading about your Maine adventures! Congratulations on the Skee-ball championship, Mrs. C. … sorry, Campy, maybe next time! It was great to see both of you!

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