Fitness Check Up: Week Two

Slip-ups:  This week wasn’t so much about major slip-ups as it was about small, more frequent slip-ups.  A serving of corn chips.  Some amazing naan that I had too much of at Kathmandu Spice.  Two donut holes.  Some “fun size” Hershey bars.  Oh.  And at last week’s LOST party, I had a little bit of fro-yo and half a black and white cookie.  And a pina colada.  And I had a little more fro-yo later in the week.  Yikes.  It’s kind of scary typing everything out.

Eating Habits: Despite what it may appear from above, my eating habits weren’t horrible this week.  They generally consisted of REAL Chobani for breakfast, a mid-morning snack (fruit or string cheese), a sandwich or tuna salad for lunch along with fruit, veggies, and the occasional protein shake, and then something healthy and small for dinner (we had salmon one night with green beans, another night my darling husband brought dinner to rehearsal:  a wrap with turkey and bacon (don’t worry:  not very much) and avocado and a teeny bit of mayo and tons of lettuce with TWO pickles instead of fries).

Exercise: I had some good runs this week and had a really good strength work out on Thursday.  My speed is finally improving on my runs again, which makes me happy.  Mr. Cookie and I also walked a ton.  This was my last week for ballet.  Sad.

Weight: 169.  .2 pounds up from last week.  At first, I thought it was because last week was such a huge drop that it had to be a fluke.  I mean, 5 pounds in two weeks??  But after writing down all my small “slip-ups,” I’m thinking those might be more to do with it.  The good news is that I’m still on course.  Yeah, this wasn’t a good week, but I am going to start tracking through Sparkpeople again even though I hate doing it and maybe next week I’ll see actually good results.

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    MrC said,

    Woo-hoo! With all of the partying, I think you had a pretty solid week. And this one will be even better.

    My update: Things are going well for me. It’s always hard to say how many pounds I am down, given that I’ve been tracking my weight for so long and it does tend to jump and dive from day to day. However, I have made steady weight loss for the past several weeks. I am roughly 13 pounds from my crazy, haven’t-been-there-since-6th Grade goal weight. I am also going to take some time tomorrow to retape my body (getting inch measurements of useful spots) and take a comprehensive bodyfat screen. Next week I’ll share lots more data.

    I also ran into a minor cold–my first in many, many months–and wasn’t able to get out for as many speed workouts as I’d like, but I did get in a blistering short run yesterday and look forward to doing another one on Tuesday.

    Mr. C: Goal+13, happy

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