The Shark

Its prey lingers ahead of it, slowing down foolishly, unaware.  He wavers a moment, looks back.  He is oblivious to the fact that it is watching him, waiting for its moment.  A smile curls the corners of his lips:  he is just a man out for some morning exercise.  Surely there is no threat of sharks today.  His partner labors behind him, trying to catch up.  She crests a hill and begins the descent.  He speeds up again.  It has missed this opportunity.  It won’t be so foolish next time.  “Stay with me!”  She calls out but he makes a comment about finishing in great time.  Perhaps he is aware of its designs, and her treachery in helping it.  He must know the waters are not safe today.  They never are.  Even at his speediest, there are always moments.  The shark is always hungry.  Its mouth is starting to flex now, jawing in practice for the tasty meal.  Jaggedy, mean teeth that look strangely like fingers are flashed, but he does not see it.  Could this be its moment?  She speeds up.  The mouth is now going wildly then fixes in a tight grin, ready.  Dunuh.  Dunuh.  Dunuh dunuh dunuh dunuh! *CHOMP* The menacing jaw comes down around…air.  “Oh come on!  Just slow down already!”  She calls.  “Missed me!”  He teases. She speeds up on him again.  Stealth shark.  No theme music.  Just as she’s behind him the threatening music begins again, faster, more frantic.  Finger like jaws clench down on the raw meat of his hide and he shrieks, realizing he has fallen prey yet again.  The shark will always win.


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  1. 1

    Mr.C said,

    Fair is fair. Theme music is required. No such thing as a stealth land shark.

    • 2

      showmeyourcookies said,

      There was theme music! It just didn’t start as soon as it usually does. Shark follows the rules, but even so, it’s important to keep in mind that it follows the rules it sets and it can change them at any time.

  2. 3

    Sister Monkey said,

    All I can really do is LMAO after reading that. Good marriage is made up of precious moments just like this one!

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