Some define the word diet as a negative thing:  something we do when our pants are getting too snug.  Something we quit when our pants stop being snug or it doesn’t work.  Something we do again when the pants inevitably get snug again.  When I was in undergrad, the health and fitness adviser put it a way that makes a lot more sense to me.  I had gone to him to consult on my plan for losing weight.  I wanted to make sure I was doing it healthfully and he reassured me that I was but he also gave me some very good advice.

He told me that those people who see a “diet” as a temporary thing will never be successful.  We are all on a diet.  Some of us are on the junk food diet.  Some of us are on the health nut diet.  Some of us are on a vegetarian diet.  You get the idea.  You can’t view a diet as a temporary fix.  You have to find a diet that works for you and stay with it even when you’ve reached your goals.  Diet is lifestyle.

That’s why, this time around, I’m really committing myself to eating in a way that I’ll be happy to maintain when I’ve lost all the weight I need to lose.  I can honestly say that I enjoy the food I’m eating.  I don’t feel deprived.  I’ve had some slip ups but they have not been hugely detrimental.  I’m eating a lot less junk and putting food into my belly that really fulfills me.

Through my fitness check up posts you’ve caught a glimpse of what my diet is like.  For those of you who have asked for a more detailed description of what it is I’m trying to do, this is for you:

1)  watch my calories carefully

2)  eat fewer refined carbs (this deserves its own post, but the quick run-down is that things like crackers, white pasta, white flour, and sugar don’t fill you up.  All the nutrients have been stripped from them and you’re left with an empty carb shell minus the nutrients.  I think where Atkins goes wrong is that it tells you to get rid of all carbs- even things like quinoa (a great source of protein), brown rice, whole wheat, and fruit.  You can still eat those things- just watch your servings sizes!)

3)  eat more protein (for those of you who are non-veg, a run-down of the best meats for you)

4)  don’t cut out all the fat (but make it healthy fats)

If you’re wondering what this looks like in a typical day’s menu, read on.  Here’s a common day for me (the key is variation, though.  Don’t get burned out on any one thing)


Chobani Greek yogurt

Chicken breakfast sausage

Morning Snack

Mozzarella string cheese

Lunch (turkey sandwich, carrots and guac, fruit)

Joseph’s flax pita bread (side note- oh man this stuff is good.  Find in the deli)

3 oz peppered turkey breast

.75  oz slice American cheese

1 t mayo

20 baby carrots

guacamole (for dipping said carrots in)


Afternoon Snack

1 serving almonds

Dinner (zucchini chicken quesadilla, “fries”)

1/2 a zucchini

2 T red onion

2 oz chicken breast

1 oz cheese

1 Joseph’s tortilla

Baked sweet potato fries (oh my god, do yourself a favor and make the switch from white potatoes to sweet potatoes- yum!)

Calories: 1,384

Carbs:  137

Fat:  57

Protein:  89

Now, you might be thinking “yeah, but you haven’t lost weight in two weeks.”  But the fact is, when I’m following this and exercising 3-5 times a week, I am.  And I feel great.

Now I’m going to go eat the soup I made myself for lunch (chicken, brown rice, carrots, red onion, veggie broth)


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    […] they were very tasty.  The macronutrient ratio isn’t good, but it’s not horrible.  I’m much more pro-fat, pro-protein, anti-carb than Mrs. C., but given my workload for the day there’s nothing insane about the breakdown of the Chicken […]

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