Fitness Check Up: Week Four

Slip-ups:  This week’s downfall was not so much a ton of slip-ups as it was having two or three days where I just ate TOO MUCH.  Granted, on Monday I had a piece of cake at work but that was, once again, within my calories.  On Wednesday, we had Field Day and as I result I ate cookout food.  My body was probably shocked by the refined carbs.  Again, within my calories for the day, but eating crap.  I did have two heavy calorie days:  Friday we went out for a fancy dinner together and while the portions were small and the food seemed relatively greaseless, we had a few courses plus plenty of alcohol.  Yesterday was also somewhat heavy, because it was a work day for the theater and of course they had their usual snacks that I had trouble resisting.  I think I also ate too much this week because (as evidenced by the blog) I was in a slump.

Eating Habits: Mostly okay but I feel off the no refined carbs wagon and ate too much.  The good news was that I didn’t feel good and am not really tempted to keep doing this.

Exercise: Other than a typically active lifestyle, I got in little exercise.  I had a great workout on Thursday with Sunny and I had fun on Field Day running hurdles and doing other things with the kids.  I got out on a run with Mr. Cookie at the beginning of the week.  Beyond that, I walked a lot.  I’m surprised by how little time was actually spent sitting around.

Weight: 166.8.  No difference from last week.  This is pretty disappointing, but I was also bracing myself for something way worse.  So, while I’m sad that I didn’t go down at all, I’m happy I didn’t undo all of my hard work with one bad week.  Expect to see a much better number next week!!

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