Fitness Check in: Week Five

This is coming a little early this week since Mr. Cookie and I will be in DC this weekend (for his swearing in to the Supreme Court Bar!)

Slip-ups:  Overall, I did very well this week.  Yesterday, being the  last day of school, I went to the teacher after school party and drank a TON of booze (think:  one bottle of Prosecco, two Jello shots).  Then, I took several hours to sober up, drank tons of water, had a chicken sausage, went home, met Mr. Cookie downtown, and ran the Lawyers Have Heart 5k.  And my doubting co-workers said I couldn’t do it!

Eating Habits: There were too many days where I felt like I was getting too many of certain things (carbs) and not enough of others (protein).  I’m finding that in eating out, you can almost always find healthier dishes that have carby bases but not as much protein.  Fail.  Overall, I’m happy though.

Exercise: There were a couple great runs and then the 5k yesterday. We also started swim class!!

Weight: 164.5.  Pardon me while I throw myself a little party.  This officially means that I have lost more than 9 pounds since I started.  It also means I have fewer than 20 pounds to go to my estimated goal.

Challenge: All right.  I’m creating a new section in light of our vacation.  My friend just went on vacation and she told everyone she planned on exercising a certain number of times while on vacation so she would feel held accountable.  I’m going to do the same thing.  Mr. Cookie has planned a couple great runs for us and during at least one of those runs (probably the one on the Mall) I want to end it by doing some strength exercises.  That reminds me- I need to pack the resistance bands.

Have a great weekend, all!


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