Exhibit A

After getting my ass handed to me on what should have been a lovely, refreshing 5.5 mile run this morning, I have come to the realization that I am in no way ready for the 10k I’m supposed to run on July 4th.  I knew you guys wouldn’t believe me, so I’ve taken it upon myself to give you photographic evidence.  Pull out your smelling salts.

Okay.  I’m sorry about the loss of your lunch.  I will buy you a new one*.  So, let me break this down for you to show you how this proves that, in fact, this run kicked my ass.

1)  Red coloration–  Okay, yes.  I have rosacea.  Still, it is generally nice and subdued.  Except for when I work out real good. Still, even a sprint around the block could do this.  Moving on.

2) Agape mouth- No, I’m not stunned by something.  My brain simply refuses to believe that my nose is sufficient for oxygen intake yet.  Hence, I am rendered a temporary mouth breather.

3)  Toweled car seat- This is an indignity generally reserved for my husband, the Niagara Falls of perspirators (spell check is telling me that’s not a word.  It is now, bitches!).  I actually had to swathe my seat with a towel to prevent the epic amounts of sweat from seeping in.  Gross.

4)  Coiffure- Dude.  That hair was PINNED DOWN when I started.  Now, it’s acting like it has never been taught decent manners.  For shame, hair!

5)  Tensed shoulders and neck- My whole body was tense.  And not in the “I’m a hamster and you just pushed me into the side of the cage for unmentionable acts and now my body is going to go completely tense” way.  In the “OMFG, everything hurts” way.

6)  The Eyes- Have you ever seen such sad, tortured eyes?  I have too, but these ones are still pretty tortured.

7)  Seat belt- I was so ready to get home and out of the heat that I was in the car as quickly as I could be, seat belt on and ready to go (don’t worry, I quickly snapped this terrifying picture before the car was in motion).

* There will be no new lunch.  Sorry to mislead you.

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  1. 1

    J9 said,

    OMG, Mrs. C! You have me chuckling this morning! (I am definitely laughing “with” you!) What torture you endured! I believe that congratulations are in order for your having finished the race! Many others would not have had that much perseverance! Your determination is perspiring (errrr … inspiring!). ;^)


    • 2

      Mrs. Cookie said,

      Sadly, J9, this was not a race. This was simply a training run. Ugg. I can only imagine what the real race is going to make me look like.

  2. 3

    sister cookie said,


  3. 4

    […] I also had swim class again this week, along with my weekly workout with Sunny (so sore) and the run from hell from yesterday.  I’m planning a slow, short recovery run today to help my body work out some […]

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