Fitness Check In: Week Six

Slip-ups:  Washington DC has a lot of dangerous places to eat.  Still, we did pretty well considering.  Yes, I had a Five Guys burger and fries.  Yes, I ate copious amounts of carbs and even some sweets.  What really did me in though, was the cake I made for a friend’s party last Thursday.  One day’s diet consisted literally of Chobani, Oreo Cream filling, chips, cake, and vegetables.  I felt GROSS.

Eating Habits: Not good.

Exercise: Happily, we managed to stay fairly active in DC to counteract the negative affects of bad food.  I met my challenge of two runs but forgot the resistance bands and did little strength.  I also had swim class again this week, along with my weekly workout with Sunny (so sore) and the run from hell from yesterday.  I’m planning a slow, short recovery run today to help my body work out some of the kinks and keep me moving.

Weight: 164.  Straight up.  This means I lost half a pound, which, given my terrible eating habits this week, I think is entirely fair.  Still, I’m back from vacation, back on my game, and ready to see bigger losses.

Challenge: This week my focus will be on not just staying within my calorie goals, but also eating calories that are really worthwhile.  The whole point of this is not just to say I ate a certain number of calories, but to really honestly say that the food I’m putting into my body is worth it.

Guys, I have 19 pounds to go to my estimated goal weight.  That’s crazy go nuts awesome.  It feels doable!

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    Mr. C said,

    It IS doable and you will do it!

    Also, Mrs. C. ate the “junior” bacon cheeseburger at Five Guys, while I had the regular (which is actually a huge double). And the gut bombs were totally worth it.

    ::goes back to eating his romaine::

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