Fitness Check Up: Week Eight

I know, I know.  I  missed week 7.  To fill you in, my weight went up 1.5 pounds and I couldn’t deal with posting about it.  So there.

Slip-ups:  It started with the Fourth.  Much bad food and alcohol were consumed.  I also didn’t really exercise much this week.  Everything was a slip-up.

Eating Habits: I got it together partway through the week, but the beginning of the week was filled with bad food.  I’m focusing on the getting it together part, though.

Exercise: We ran the LL Bean 10K on the Fourth.  I love that race!  I had swim class on Wednesday and then two nights ago I went on a run with Mr. Cookie.  Yes, that’s all I did.  Blech.

Weight: 164.  I’m glad it went back down from last week’s 165.5, but am irritated that in the course of three weeks I’ve only managed to drop .5 pounds total.

Challenge: Get myself refocused and rededicated.  Lose two pounds by next Sunday.

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