Fitness Check In: Week Nine

Slip-ups:  blarg.  I don’t even know where to start.

Eating Habits: I started out really well and then fell to pieces by the end of the week.  The show coupled with personal stress and drama have combined to convince me that it really is okay to eat that extra tub of ice cream.

Exercise: I told myself my challenge was to lose two pounds.  In my head, that meant eating strictly, running at least ten miles, attending swim lessons, do my weekly workout with Sunny, and ride 30 miles on the bike.  I did all of that, minus 3.5 miles and eating strictly.

Weight: 163.  It is going down again, but it’s not the two pounds I had hoped for and I’m not off to a good start this week either.  I feel bloated and fat and I’ve eaten a bunch of crap the last two days.  I have no motivation to exercise.  It doesn’t help that my right elbow has been acting up since Thursday (hurts to extend it all the way; there’s a crunchy feeling when I do) and my left foot has been very sore since Friday (outside length of foot feels tense and strained).

Challenge: stop being so hard on myself.  Realize the weight will come off even if it is a little slower than I’d hoped and I can’t force myself to be perfect to the point of unhappiness.

Sorry the blog has been suffering, guys.  I am going to try to post about the show soon.

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