Green Bus

Dear Mr. Cookie,

Two days out and I’m still basking in the glow of our anniversary.  Two years ago, I married the man I’d wanted to for the past… I don’t know?  five years?  I’ve always been the quick one while you have a slow boil.  🙂  But we’re here, we made it.  Two years of marital bliss.  Good things happen for those who wait.

For all the pet peeves and frustrations, I know I’m lucky.  Anyone whose biggest stressors in a relationship are boxers strewn about a newly straightened house and toothpaste plopped on the newly cleaned sink should be counting their blessings.  I know I am.  Stink-Butt (oh  yes I did!), I love you.  I know this next year is probably going to be rough.  There are growing pains to endure and transitions to be made.  Soon, you’ll likely leave a secure, good paying job.  We agree that’s the right decision, for your mental health.  And, because of your excellent financial planning, it is entirely possible, which is great.  Who knows how long it will take to find a new one.  Maybe you’ll be employed again pronto or maybe it will stretch out.  But I know that you will find ways to occupy your time and fill your resume in the mean time.  You’ve always been a man of action, even when you were lost in thought.

It’s late and you’re not here right now and even though I have to be up to swim at 6:30 with GirlyQ, I can’t sleep.  My big spoon is missing.  Away on what may be his last business trip for this job.  In a city packed with memories of a first marathon.  Of blisters the size of… the barbecue platters we couldn’t eat last time.  Of a poster with drippy glitter because a certain wife didn’t make it in time for it to actually dry.  Of elation and Krispy Kreme and foil blankets. How many memories do we share?  I know the good outweigh the bad.

I adore you.  And now I’m going to lock the door because my man-bear isn’t here to wake up and protect me from would be killers/rapists/functional alcoholics/disfunctional alcoholics who wander the streets.  We all know how well I sleep through everything.  You’re the one who wakes up to every slight noise.

Have fun in the TN and hurry home soon, big spoon.  Our house is so empty.

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