Almost 29

Every year, from August 31st until September 9, Mr. Cookie gets the ability to lord his age over me.  “I’m older so I’m wiser.”  “I have more experience.”  Really, he’s only 10 days older than me.  But for those ten days when his age is actually a different number than mine, he lets me know about it.  It’s our little joke.  You know, the one that is going to make our kids giggle for a couple years and then groan for the rest of their lives.

Big changes in the Cookie household this month.  Not only are we both one year closer to being in our 30s, but Mr. Cookie has finally made the enormous step towards unemployment.  Tomorrow, in addition to being my birthday, is his last day.  This was a decision brought about by careful deliberation.  We talked about it for months.  We studied our finances to make sure it would work.  We started practicing tightening our belts.  But why leave such a well paying job?  Well, when something no longer satisfies you and in fact starts to erode your happiness, if you have the ability to responsibly change something then I believe you should.  Mr. Cookie has done an incredible job securing us financially and we don’t have any commitments to other human beings yet, so now is the time.  My job can pay a good portion of our bills a month and what’s left over will be taken care of by our well supplied emergency fund and savings.

I’ll let Mr. Cookie tell you about all his grand plans for unemployment; he’s got some great ones.  So, tomorrow think of us and for me, a birthday that once again close the age gap.  For Mr. Cookie, Freedom Day.

Updated: Mr. Cookie has reminded me of our commitment to those wonderful human beings, the loan officers and while he may have some last minute fears, I still know we’re in good shape. 🙂

Update #2: This may or may not be a sign of his superior intelligence (don’t enjoy it too long, Mister).


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