Adventures in Cake


Don’t tell anybody, but I’ve started another blog.  Oh my god.  I know, I can barely keep up with this one.  But seriously, guys.  I’ve been working on getting a little side business going. For a couple years now, I’ve been making cakes for friends and family and frequently get the comment “you should start a business!”  I’m not really sure if they’re being nice or if they really think it, but I decided to take their advice (sort of).

Now, I’m not planning on opening a store front.  I’m also not going to do a ton of marketing.  I’m definitely not quitting my day job.  I’m relying largely on word of mouth.  I’d link to the blog, but alas, it has information about me that could give away my identity.  If you haven’t yet seen the blog and would like to (and know me in real life), send me an email.  And, if you have had my cake and want to help a girl out, spread the word.  In a couple weeks I will have business cards which I can give you to give to friends.

I’m excited!

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