Applesauce: An Essay in Photos

Okay, maybe there will be some words, too.  Mr. Cookie and I went apple picking last weekend.  The orchard we went to did a lousy job of labeling apples and we did a lousy job of identifying them, so I have no idea what kinds of apples we picked, just that we did so because they were tasty and sweet.  We ate a lot of apples that day (so good!) and got the best the orchard had to offer.  This is my third year making my own applesauce and canning it and also the first year I did it completely on my own.  I missed having the help of a friend, but I have to say that even though I was processing more apples than in past years, I think I’ve finally developed a system and it went really fast.  And it wasn’t that I couldn’t have had help; several friends asked me to.  Life has been so crazy busy though that by the time I could have gotten around to coordinating schedules my apples would have gone bad.  😦  Read on to see me making and canning my applesauce.

This is the yield of a half bushel of apples.  Because of our excellent picking skills this year, I added no sugar.  Seriously.  Make your own applesauce sometime with fresh apples.  The difference from canned store stuff is astounding.  I only added cinnamon and a couple other spices to this and it is PERFECT.

The canning pot is coming up to a boil.


Everything ready to go (except the jars- they’re in the dishwasher sanitizing).  The funnel makes me think of the Professor, because when his wife KT helped me last year he MacGuyvered it out of a regular funnel since we couldn’t find a canning funnel.  I miss seeing them.


Let the canning begin! I went to take this picture and immediately poured applesauce on the side of the jar.  Woops. One for my homeys who went before?


Putting the lids on.


Setting the jars into the wire lifter (I have no idea what this thing is really called, but I love it)


Into the pot with you!!  Do you see now why I love the wire thing?


I’m wincing because my hand hurts (but look!  No splint!)


See you in 20 minutes, applesauce!


Hello again!


Onto the table to cool and wait for the “pop” sound that will tell me the jars have sealed.


7 jars of happiness.  Plus one half jar, not pictured, already in the fridge.


Happy Fall.


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