I have come to some realizations lately about lifestyle and self importance along with the numerous goblets of wine I consumed with dinner are dictating that I share them with the world (or the ten people who seem the check the blog every time I post).

Obviously, healthy diet is essential.  Also, the multiple baby books I’ve read tout the necessity of things like folic acid, protein, fiber, calcium, and a bunch of other things.  Because you know, when babies are on the horizon I want to make sure they’re not scary deformed creatures.  Also, I don’t want them to blame me for their problems.  That shit is not right, yo.  Respect your mama!

Umm.  Sorry.  Back to what I was saying.  I’ve come to the realization lately that my diet, while it could stand some changes, is fairly healthy.  Could I get more protein?  Oh, heck yes.  I still don’t get enough.  Could I get more folic acid?  Absolutely.  Only recently have I become tolerant of spinach, and then only in its raw form.  Brussels sprouts, another wonder food, are still not my favorite but I can choke them down.

Ultimately, I think I’ve come to the understanding that what I do with my diet needs to work for me.  That means that any changes I make have to be ones I’ll be okay with sustaining for the long term.  It’s just not worth it to make major changes, even if they’re ridiculously healthy, if one week from now I’m going to find myself facing major cravings for boxed macaroni and cheese with kielbasa in it.  Mmmmm, kielbasa…

So, some basic changes I’ve made:

* cutting out refined carbs except for the occasional baked good (but only stuff that’s delicious and homemade)

* adding wheat bran to my morning greek yogurt to increase fiber (this one I’ll start tomorrow but after a small trial run today I’m positive about it)

* adding quinoa, whole wheat pasta, and brown rice to my diet and actually measuring serving sizes

* cutting out soda (mostly- maybe once a month I’ll have some soda)

* limiting bad fats (but hey, things like avocados, almonds, and olive oil shouldn’t be scary in moderation!)

So ultimately, my weight loss has slowed.  But, that’s okay.  I’ve done a superb job of maintaining my weight at an oh-so-close to perfect body weight for several months now.  And, once in awhile, there is a dip.  Slow but steady, right?


Now, my nightly after dinner walk with my husband calls.  Happy holidays, folks!

Edit to original post: Also, thanks go to GirlyQ for her long talks on this subject.  I love our talks and our friendship.


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