Ornaments: Childhood History

Growing up, Christmastime was looked towards with excitement.  Every year, Sister Cookie and I would unpackage the ornaments, laying them out on the table while our parents strung the lights around the tree.  This year, I was going through the ritual on my own and decided that our ornaments were worthy of their own posts.  I will break it down into four categories:  Childhood History, Adult History, Accomplishments, and Travels.


That brings us to the first installment, Childhood History.  Now, these ornaments come from my childhood.  Mr. Cookie’s mom still has his childhood ornaments.  No worries, mine are FASCINATING (to me, at least)!


First up, this is one I always loved taking out every year.  Sister Cookie was not allowed to touch this one.  It was MINE.  I took it out of the box.  I hung it on the tree.  I pointed it out to visitors.  This was the first ornament ever solely related to me.  The ornament celebrating my first Christmas:


When we were small, my dad was stationed in Germany.  My first memories are from Germany.  One of my favorite times of year in Germany was Christmas.  In Germany, Christmas meant the Kristkindl Markt (Christ Child Market).  And, the Kristkindl Markt meant stollen, streudel, potato pancakes, gingerbread, and hand crafted treasures.  I remember one year getting to pick out ornaments with my sister for our tree.  Here are some ornaments I chose:

They may be old and flaking, but they bring back a lot of sensory memories of the Kristkindl Markt.

This next one came from Alaska which you may think ought to be in our travel section, but in fact, it was a gift sent from the Alaskan branch of our family when we were little.


Next up is a set of three ornaments from a dear high school friend.  I adored Pooh and all things Pooh related so she got me these ornaments one year to commemorate this adoration:


And finally, I have an ornament I made as part of a group of presents when I was in middle school.  We didn’t have a great deal of money that year and for some reason I got it into my head that I needed to give presents to my friends and teachers.  So, I made ornaments.  Now, I’m REALLY not artistic.  As you can tell by this leftover ornament:


So, there you have it.  These are some of the ornaments that represented my childhood.  Tune in next Wednesday for ornaments related to Our History.


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