Ornaments: Accomplishments

This is the third in a series of four posts on the ornaments adorning our tree this year.  The first and second ones can be found at the links.

Every year, there is a good chance that some student will buy me an ornament.  It’s an easy thing to get a teacher and often cheap for families who want to do something but don’t have a lot to spend.  Something tells me that by the time I’m retired I’ll have a tree covered in apples.

Mr. Cookie’s accomplishments, thankfully, are better documented on our tree and do not take the form of fruit.  For example, there is the ornament commemorating the years he rode in the Pan-Mass Challenge.  He wasn’t able to do it this year, but had done it faithfully for several years prior.

In addition for Mr. Cookie is his legal eagle ornament.  This, of course, is a symbol of the huge accomplishment of completing law school (so much cooler than apples!).

And finally, the ornament that perhaps holds to most weight because it is an accomplishment for both of us, is this Texas ornament with “13.1” cut out in the center.

Now, before you get your panties in a bunch saying “hey, shouldn’t that go into the travels post??” let me remind you that it was in Texas that I completed my first half marathon and Mr. Cookie completed his… what?  Fourth?  Something like that.  You can read about it all here.  It was absolutely my biggest accomplishment of the year (well, that and packing away about two thousand cookies over the course of the holiday season).

Next up, travels!  The longest post yet!!

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