The Best of Times: House

Has it really been three months since my last post?  My, how time flies when… well, when life gets tough.  I guess I stopped posting because for a little while there, with Mr. Cookie still looking for work and dealing with the frustrations of that, life just piled up.

Then, he got a job and things started looking up but I was out of the habit of blogging.  Sorry, guys.  I started this blog with the tagline “the best of times.”  And really, brief periods of down aside, this last year has been pretty great for us.  Even with the short dance with unemployment, we were able to tighten our belts, live mostly on my salary, and eat into our savings very little.  Which means, now that Mr. Cookie has been back to work for awhile, we have some news!

You guys, after a rather nasty and frustrating house search, I think we have found the home we will call our own.  It’s in a suburb of Boston that has the best of both worlds.  Quiet neighborhoods with incredible schools.  Easy access to public transit.  Proximity to a lot of our friends.  Biking paths, playing fields, and water.  Our offer has been accepted and now we’re just waiting on the inspection.  Here she is, folks:

I just really can’t wait.  I’m going to have to, because they want to close in July (honestly, this is best since our lease isn’t up until August 31st).  Here is where I will bake cakes and make meals for family and friends (hopefully with some updates):

And here is where I will serve them:

Here is where we will play games and watch tv and play Wii and roast marshmallows:

And here is where, each night, I will get to kiss my sweetheart goodnight and fall into sweet dreams:

Here is where I will sip wine and gaze at the stars (you can actually see stars!!):

Last night, for our after dinner walk (a tradition we started right after the weather got decent-ish again), we drove down to our new neighborhood and went for a stroll.  There were children running around with flashlights playing flashlight tag.  It really felt like a place to call home.  I wanted somewhere quiet with space, but I did not want to move an hour away from friends and from bustle.  We are just about .15 miles off of a couple very busy streets and near a bus depot (not to mention, not too far away by bus from the nearest T stop).  So, it’s not quite as accessible as our current apartment, but at least people without cars can still get to us.  That was important.  I want our home to be filled up with friends.

We have a guest room.  When will you be visiting?


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  1. 1

    Kate said,

    Right about the time you invite me.

    The house looks gorgeous – I wish you the best of luck in everything. 🙂

  2. 2

    E.Arlington and N.Cambridge are closeby — you’ll be a nearer neighbor now, and hopefully we can meet more often as the weather improves! Congrats on the great house find. Let me know what street # and all the specifics once you close the deal, OK. Much love to you and your biking buddy hubby, -Sunny

  3. 3

    Liz Adams said,

    oh, that looks perfect! yay, you! And I will visit just as soon as you wish. Hugs,

  4. 4

    Sister Cookie said,

    I am so happy for you guys!!! And you already know that I am going to be one of the first visitors since I am going to help you move 🙂 Is it possible to get paid in cupcakes? Just wondering…

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