Chair: Interrupted

I am great at procrastination.  My husband (or maybe one of my friends) claims that people who procrastinate do it so that they have an excuse when their last minute attempts fail (I’m paraphrasing).  There may be some truth in that.  Still, I decided to refinish this rocking chair MONTHS before moving because it was April vacation and I had little else to do.  I didn’t finish.  In fact, I gave up after two days of trying.  Paint on curved wood is a BITCH to remove.  Some progress pictures:

Before my meddling

I decided I was going to do it the natural way and just sand the black paint off.  Hilarious!  30 minutes later:

Screw natural!

So, down to the paint store to buy some stripper.  Except I buy the natural stripper.  The stuff you leave on for four hours, mist with water in case it has completely dried, and then scrape off.  Oh, hell no.  Well, oh hell yes.  I did that.  Twice.  Suffice it to say, this chair is now back in the corner, pads back on, waiting for me to get up the motivation to finish the job.  Ugg.  How many months until we move?

It is taunting me.

Neener neener!


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