Sew Happy

In the last few months, I have been turning an eye toward enrichment.  For too long I think I was hyper obsessed with improvement, which is not the same thing.  Improvement is all about getting better.  Enrichment is about being happier.  I don’t really know where I got that improvement kick from, but it was exhausting.  One challenging school year later, and here I am.  A hopefully more mellow, definitely happier person.

One of the things I decided to do was learning to sew.  When we were down in Rhode Island visiting Mr. Cookie’s cousin last summer, I noticed that she and her husband used cloth napkins at every meal.  These were not the fancy schmancy super expensive cloth napkins you register for when you get married, but rather the kind of cloth napkin that is made from simple, durable cloth and can be used every day.  They are smaller than the cover-your-whole-lap type and wash very nicely.  I had to have some.  I looked online and was disgusted by the prices I saw (seriously.  It’s a 10×10 inch square of cotton).  I wanted to make my own, so I posted something to that affect on Facebook.  Well, wouldn’t you know, the same cousin whose house we had visited had an extra sewing machine.  A hobby was born.

I made the napkins and while they have stood up to many many washings, the stitching was less than straight and my technique was sloppy.  Still, they look nice folded and in the napkin holder AND we have completely eradicated paper napkins (score one for the environment):

You might think it is obnoxious to wash them and fold them, but honestly they are so small that they add hardly any bulk to our laundry.  The stripes hide stains, too!  And, all they require is a quick center fold.  They are the easiest part of my laundry.

Then, I decided to take a beginning sewing class.  I wanted to get better acquainted with my machine.  I am in love with Cambridge Center for Adult Education.  I think once we move into our new place I will see if they offer any gardening classes.  Anyway, fast forward to the first day of class.  Turns out, our first project would be aprons.  Great.  Do you guys realize how many aprons I own?  Hang on.  Let me go count.










6.  Not counting the one I have now made for the class.  Anyway, I decided that since I was completely squared away with my own aprons, I would make Mr. Cookie one.  The pattern proved to be so simple that I also made myself a chef’s hat.  Here are both items, being modeled by the unparalleled Mr. Cookie:

Easy on the eyes AND he cooks!  I’m a lucky girl.

Our final project for the class will be a handbag.  I haven’t started mine yet, but I did pick out my fabric and notions (for your non-sewers out there, notions are doodads.  You know, buttons, zippers, bias tape, etc).  I’m excited!  It’s going to be a fun, casual summer bag:

Stay tuned!


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