I Need Order!

Those were words oft spake by my mom. I grew up in a house that was very ordered in many ways.  Everything had its place, and each night before bed there would be stacks of things on the stairs that needed to make their way up to our rooms- mail, toys, etc.  If we wanted friends to come over, we usually had to vacuum.  That’s just the way things were.  I scoffed at it and thought my mom was being too uptight.  After all, my friends lived in houses with various states of clutter and mess and they didn’t seem at all bothered by them.  Wouldn’t it be nice to live like that, free of the compulsion to clean?

Now that I’m an adult, I realize it is not nice.  Not for me, at any rate.  You know that show Hoarders?  Every time I watch it I feel a huge need to purge.  Not that I’m really a pack rat to begin with.  But just watching how some of those people live stresses me out.  It’s odd, because even now if I got to a friend’s house and it is messy and cluttered I’m not usually bothered by it.  I am not stressed out and I don’t feel a compulsion to get busy with the broom and duster.  I have noticed a correlation between the length of time I stay and my stress level though.  If I am spending the night, it goes up a little.  If I am spending a weekend, a little more.  If I’m staying a week, oh my god where are the cleaning supplies?!

All this to say, that when it comes to my own house (and it really is my own house now, yay!!), I need order too.  It’s where I live.  I spend the majority of my time here.  My mind is reflective of my living space.  So, from the moment we moved in I already had plans to make our space more liveable.  Behold…


Originally, our kitchen had a coat closet.  It wasn’t serving any great purpose in my eyes because there was a perfectly serviceable coat closet that the previous owners had turned into a linen closet just steps away.  Since the second closet still had the rod, all the shelves were easily removed, and the 1st floor bathroom has a large cabinet under the sink for linens, that is now our coat closet.  And, I finally have a pantry!

This has made me excessively happy.  That, and the new


coat of paint that matches the kitchen kind of make me a little bit giddy.  Sure, the closet reeked of primer for days, but every time I walked by it I would open the door and gaze at my handiwork.  This may have been exacerbated by the fact that the rest of my kitchen is a war zone since it is waiting to get remodeled right now and there are so many boxes (faucet!  cabinets!  tile!) that I sometimes find a need to run far far away.  Still, and oasis of neatness in an otherwise messy room.

My next project was much simpler and required no demo.  Up in the 2nd floor bathroom (we have THREE bathrooms.  Crazy, no?  If we get back from running errands and both of us need to pee, we no longer have to call dibs on a bathroom.  Now, one of us can go in one, another and go in the other, and the third bathroom sits like the last kid to get picked at softball.  We are looking into therapy for it).


Anyway, upstairs the bathroom has this tall section of shelves that, when we were touring the house, were almost completely empty.  Still, we are the family of a thousand drugs (all OTC, many variations on the same theme) and other bathroom paraphernalia and after four years of storing all of our bathroom stuff in the drawers of the dining room built in hutch, it was time to get [more] organized.  Here it is just a couple days after moving in and then, one trip to IKEA later, it is a thing of beauty:

After (top)

After (bottom)

I know, I posted my toilet paper twice.  Speaking of toilet paper, do you know how much less toilet paper is SEEMS like you have when you’re stretching it between three bathrooms?  Crazy.  I’ve since had to redistribute these rolls to the other bathrooms just because we use them more than I thought.  Heh.  Interesting.  I’m just glad we’ve finished all the sandpaper-esque stuff the old owners left behind.  What can I say?  My butt is picky.

But wait!  There’s more!

Remember the hooks from the coat closet that I turned into a pantry?  They were hard to see because they were hidden behind the coat rod, but they were there.  I re-purposed them in the basement for the bike bags.  Sorry it’s fuzzy.  I was using my phone and the lighting in the basement is a little dim.

Yay, organization!

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