Little Stowaway

Have you ever seen that movie with Shirley Temple in which she hides on a boat to get away from the orphanage she is about to get sent to?  It’s called Stowaway and, even though my stowaway is not nearly as talented musically and does not have the ability to look adorable in a baby doll dress (yet!), s/he does have the knack of getting unsuspecting adults to swoon (namely me.  And by swoon, I mean simultaneously get nauseous and lightheaded).  That’s right, folks.  I got my positive.

Let’s try that again.  I AM PREGNANT!!!!!  We were in Costa Rica when it happened.  Well, when I tested, that is.  It did mean that I was kind of worthless for part of our trip.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I was worthless for all of our trip due to a very saddle sore behind, courtesy of the PMC.

Speaking of the PMC.  This means that Stowaway was conceived right before it.  Mr. Cookie came up with the nickname after winning a high stakes game of Scrabble.  We figure, our little stowaway was there for the PMC AND came along on our trip to Costa Rica, hence stowing away for both events.

2012 will be the best year yet.

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    Rich said,

    I think that you are living in the past, but meant 2012. 🙂

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