A Little Bit of Sunshine

So, I had to go to the hospital yesterday because it would seem I’d contracted a stomach bug which had rendered me fluidless.  The midwife encouraged me to go to the ER for fluids, so I did.  It’s funny, but pre-pregnancy I would have just brushed my doctor off and self treated at home.  Who cares about a little dehydration, right?  Oh, how times change!

I was somewhat surprised when the doctor came in after my first bag of fluids and told me he was ordering an ultrasound.  But but… Rich was not there!  And, last week at our 8 week checkup, the midwife had not been able to find a HB (it was too early, but it didn’t stop me from stressing out).  Apparently, cramps and tender stomach automatically make them think “ectopic.”  I’m so glad I was not told this until right after my ultrasound because I would have been freaking.the.fuck.out.  Even more than I already was.  As soon as the doctor left the room, I shimmied down to the end of my bed (they had the rails up, like I was going to somehow fall out) and grabbed my nearly dead, barely receptive phone from my bag on the chair next to the bed.  Miraculously, I still had a little battery left and a bar of service.

I quickly typed out something along the lines of “they’re doing an ultrasound!!!” and emailed it to Mr. Cookie.  I waited anxiously for it to send while it searched for service and heaved a sigh of relief when it did.  Mr. Cookie responded almost immediately, asking for information on where I was.  I emailed him back, and told him that he had plenty of time since I needed to have  a full bladder and I had just peed before the ultrasound was ordered.  I forgot that I was a)  pregnant and b) getting a constant supply of fluids at a rapid rate.  Good thing Mr. C chose to ignore my “plenty of time” edict and showed up 30 minutes later (as soon as he could get to me from work) because by the time he got to me my eyeballs were starting to turn yellow.

I was wheeled down to radiology where the ultrasound tech moved me into her room.  She told us that she would not be able to show us anything or let us see anything because of liability issues but that the doctor would go over the results with us later.  Mr. C scooted his chair up a little and said later that he could see a bunch of amorphous blobs but wasn’t sure he knew what he was looking at.  At one point, she said “I can’t say anything, but I also can’t control what you hear.”  She was smiling.  Then, for about 2 split seconds she turned the sound on and we heard an indecipherable whooshing that might have been a heartbeat but to two neophytes didn’t sound distinguishable at all.  It gave me hope though.  I mean, why would she have so clearly said that right before turning the sound on, right?  Still, it was also stressful, because I was  pretty sure I hadn’t heard a heartbeat.

After an agonizing wait, the doctor came in and said they’d ruled out an ectopic pregnancy, that it was a viable intrauterine pregnancy and the baby looked good.  We tried to pry him for more information.  Did the baby look big enough for 9 weeks?  Did they establish the bpm’s?  He said he didn’t have that information, just what the radiologist had told him.  Mr. C, as a last ditch effort, asked the doctor if we could see the images the radiology department had emailed over to him.  He smiled and said he could do that.  We went over to the computer after my gown was tied up and there, we saw our blob baby for the first time.  Mr. Cookie also noticed on one image with an x over what appeared to be the baby’s chest (upper blog portion?) that the tech had typed in “189.41 bpm.”  Bless my husband for being so proactive and bless that doctor for breaking policy to ease a poor momma’s worries.

I was so scared that all my sickness had somehow harmed the baby but now I have the knowledge that not only is Stowaway doing well, but has a strong heartbeat and is, in fact, happily implanted on the inside of my uterus.  Huzzah!  I can’t wait for the first trimester to be over, when we’re out of the woods so to speak.  I also can’t wait to start telling people, specifically our families.  It has been agonizing not sharing the information!!  3 more weeks.  I can do this.


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    Jenn and Ben said,

    just FYI, it’s law that if you ask for a copy of the images down in radiology (for any ultrasounds, etc), they are required to give you a copy of ALL of them. we got some cool pics of Ben this way.

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    […] knew we were pregnant (aside from the Mr. and me and a team of medical professionals), I had to go to the ER for dehydration.  Umm, too much vomiting.  AND AND AND I still throw up sometimes (sorry, you may […]

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