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What You’ve Heard Is True

Mr. Cookie and I are going to be parents.  A funny story.

When we were in Costa Rica a few months back, I kept having to wake up at night to pee.  So, even though it was a little early, I decided to test.  After all, we were planning on doing some pregnancy unsafe things (swim up bar, anyone?).  I had originally had a big plan about how I would eventually tell Mr. Cookie he was going to be a dad.  I had purchased a blue and orange onesie that said “Daddy’s All Star” on it since blue and orange were our wedding colors and I’m pretty sure, girl or boy, that their dad’s love of sports will be infectious.  I had planned that I would give him the onesie and the test (although, let’s be honest… that’s considered by some to be a little gross and I was on the fence).  Instead, I woke him up at about 4:30am by running into the room and shrieking “wake up, you’re going to be a daddy!!!” all the while waving the test around in the style of a raving lunatic.  He did wake up, but the line was so faint he claimed he couldn’t see it (then later said he did but he really doubted it because it was so faint). I may have spent the rest of the day shoving the test in his face and saying things like “you know you can see it!  There IS a line there!”  I’m a big bully.

For two days, that man refused to play along with me.  I’d say “man, I’m feeling really bloated.  If this is what pregnancy is like, then it’s totally lame” and he would counter with “IF you’re pregnant.  We’ll see in two days.”  I tried to summon tears of hurt and anger on a couple occasions, but alas the hormones weren’t strong enough yet!  How uncooperative.  Besides, it’s so typical of Mr. Cookie that I couldn’t help finding it mildly amusing while at the same time feeling a little frustrated.

Two days later, armed with a darker positive, he finally conceded and went into papa bear mode.  Since the baby is not yet here to protect independently, he has become fiercely defensive of me instead.  Mildly annoying, largely endearing.  Something tells me to enjoy it because after this baby comes, I am going to be second fiddle.  I kid, I kid…

I have a few posts up already which were, up until now, just drafts.  You can find them by clicking on the “Pregnancy” tag or the “Stowaway” tag.  Or, you can just scroll back through.  I haven’t been posting so much lately that it’ll be a huge chore.  Happy reading, friends!

Oh!  Some frequently asked questions:

Due Date:  April 21, 2012

Gender:  not finding out (and a little too early, anyway)

Birth plan:  with a midwife, at Mt. Auburn

Cravings:  none.  Lots of aversions, though!

Symptoms:  exhaustion, morning sickness, my body rebelling against the medical establishment

Work:  I will be off starting at April vacation and will go back in the fall (baby willing)



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Window to Another World

When I thought of seeing Stowaway, I figured it would be one of two reactions.  Either I would sob uncontrollably, or I would have no tears and feel guilty later (it seems pregnancy has increased my anxieties).  I was completely unprepared for my actual reaction, which was the lump in my throat and a few silent tears sliding down the side of my face onto the paper covered table.  The sonographer first moved the wand to check my cervix and after what seemed like forever, my baby really came into view.  Flipping and tossing, arms and legs jabbing out like mine do when I’m trying to get comfortable in bed, Stowaway was making great use of the ample space that will eventually start to run out.  It was the best thing I have ever seen.  Our littlest cookie:

It’s crazy, because tonight we will see my mom and tell her.  Then, tomorrow, we will tell Mr. Cookie’s parents.  His sister finds out on Tuesday and my dad and J9 find out Saturday at my nephew’s birthday party.  Crazy.  I mean, it’s been so hush-hush for so long now and it seems almost naughty to let the cat out of the bag.  But the fact is, this is happening.  Depending on who you want to listen to, I am either in my second trimester today or I will be next Saturday (and based on my favorite book, I was last Saturday.  *shrug*). I have had no spotting.  I’m still throwing up regularly.  Baby is strong and looks really good.  I am past the most “dangerous” part of the pregnancy.

Stowaway is measuring two days ahead (big baby?).  This week, fingerprints start to form, which just seems like poor prioritizing to me when you figure s/he should really be worrying about that head/body ratio or, say, more brain development.  I’m just saying, it seems like the fingerprints could be a last minute task.  Clearly we need to hire a project manager for this baby!

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The Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly

I loved this story as a kid.  Now, looking at the growing list of interventions that have somehow backfired over the past few weeks, I think I kind of understand how the old lady must have felt.  First, I swallowed the fly (or, got a stomach virus).  That caused me to swallow the spider (go to the ER for fluids).  Then, when I got an infection from the IV, I was told by a very nice doctor to swallow a bird (antibiotics).  Which, it turns out, after 8 days of taking four 500mg doses, I am allergic to.  So, finally, had to swallow the cat (Benadryl) when I broke out in hives at work today. Makes me wonder what form the dog will take.  Don’t worry guys, I will do my best not to swallow a horse.  Something tells me I’d have a reaction to it.

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I am a heavy sleeper.  My whole family tends to be, really.  But, last night, when I woke up in my closet, it was a first for me.  I’m fairly certain Mr. Cookie didn’t put me there as punishment for my pregnancy induced snoring (*eyeballs Mr. Cookie warily*), because I was standing upright and the offending object which had apparently woken me up- a hanger- was still jabbing me in the face.  Also, I really needed to pee.

Getting up in the middle of the night to pee is new for me.  When I first found out I was pregnant, I could get through the night but come 5:30-6:30, I was wide awake with a full bladder.  Lately though, I have found myself making more frequent late night trips.  I can only assume that, my body sensed my need to relieve myself and (very kindly, if you ask me) decided to take care of things without waking me up.  Unfortunately, apparently my semi conscious self has a lousy sense of direction.

I decided to consult Dr. Google, and wouldn’t you know?  Pregnancy can trigger sleep walking.  Because constant nausea, dizziness, heart burn, and a host of other symptoms weren’t enough.  Seriously.  My Pregnancy Week by Week did NOT cover this.  At least this time I was only trying to get to the bathroom.  Let’s hope it doesn’t turn into something more serious!

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