The Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly

I loved this story as a kid.  Now, looking at the growing list of interventions that have somehow backfired over the past few weeks, I think I kind of understand how the old lady must have felt.  First, I swallowed the fly (or, got a stomach virus).  That caused me to swallow the spider (go to the ER for fluids).  Then, when I got an infection from the IV, I was told by a very nice doctor to swallow a bird (antibiotics).  Which, it turns out, after 8 days of taking four 500mg doses, I am allergic to.  So, finally, had to swallow the cat (Benadryl) when I broke out in hives at work today. Makes me wonder what form the dog will take.  Don’t worry guys, I will do my best not to swallow a horse.  Something tells me I’d have a reaction to it.

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    Ayelle said,

    Benedryl makes you sleepy, so maybe you’ll take a stimulant. Of course, stimulants can cause withdrawal effects when they wear off so…

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