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Top Searches Head Scratchers

Umm, I just needed to add, for the person who googled “I got my cousin pregnant” and somehow stumbled on my blog, I’m really sorry for your predicament (unless it was on purpose, in which case… congratulations?).  Now I’m dying to know what post triggered my blog to show up on that search.  Also,  how many pages deep must this person have had to go to find my blog???


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The Devito Inside

I bet you thought you were going to see ultrasound pictures today, didn’t you?  Well, you were wrong.  Let me start by saying that everything looks good, the baby is healthy and growing and, as of yesterday, headbutting me in the cervix (which, while annoying, was vindication for me saying all day that I was feeling a lot of pressure there). 

And yes, we are having a… human!  Surprise!  There’s still only one, so things are pretty great.  It was very touching and bla bla bla.  Now, on to the real meat of this post.

You guys, I think that I have a smaller version of this in my stomach (albeit, with fewer clothes):

Now, let me explain.  The technician was not very talkative at all.  She was very curt with her answers, not at all like the friendly and informative one we had last time.  And, that’s fine- I realize I’m an annoying first time mom and maybe she was having a bad day.  But, I’m a doer, not a whiner, and so I’ve had to come to my own conclusions (warning:  do not try this at home without adult supervision).  Okay.   According to the venerable internet, the baby should be between 15.3 and 16.4 cm (baby is 14.4)  and should also be between 8.47 and 10.58 oz (baby is 11 oz).  Those are the measurements for 19 and 20 weeks, respectively, and I am 19 weeks, 4 days.  Herm.  So, basically, according to doctor google, my baby is shorter than average and chubbier than average.

Baby Devito, would you like it if Mommy ate a hard boiled egg now (those of you who watch It’s Always Sunny should get that reference)?

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Holiday Happiness

When you join forces with another person, there are so many logistics to figure out.  Who will we visit for this holiday?  How do you prefer laundry to be done (a good answer to this one is “however you would like, since you’re nice enough to do it”)? How should we decorate our living space?  This will, inevitably, lead to many fights or, at a minimum, disagreements.  Until you stumble on the things that you can wholeheartedly agree on.  Like that Crest paste is great toothpaste.  Or that the right side of the bed really can be mine.  Or that Christmas decorating needs to happen the day after Thanksgiving.

In Mr. Cookie’s house, this was always the way.  In our family, we waited an agonizing two weeks (at least) before Christmas came to our home.  The first year we lived together, I met Mr. Cookie’s suggestion to decorate the Friday after Thanksgiving with some trepidation.  Since then, there is no turning back.  It is such a nice tradition, and such a great way to prolong the togetherness that Thanksgiving brings.  So, yesterday, without fail, Mr. Cookie headed off to the hardware store to purchase lights and other decorations for the outside of our house.  He hung one string (and then rehung it because it was backwards) only to decide that he didn’t like how it didn’t match the icicle lights he’d gotten for the side porch.  Here he is working hard hanging the lights the first time (the ones we wound up later exchanging):

Off to exchange the icicle lights for ones that would hopefully match. When that failed to work, he went back to the store for a third and final time to exchange the lights in front for more icicles.  It was a little more expensive but so worth it!  I went with him on one of his three trips to the store and we picked out a snowman, a wreath, a kissing ball, and some other things to supplement the garland he had purchased earlier.

Here is the result (finished around 10:15 last night):

There is still a little work to be done (namely, we need candles for the windows), but I am really excited to be the first on our block to have our lights up and I just know that there is a kid somewhere who is looking at our  house and starting to pester stubborn parents about decorating early.  🙂  Next weekend:  REAL tree (finally- one of those things we couldn’t agree on at first) and decorating the inside.

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Thanksgiving for the Mr.

Mr. Cookie puts up with a lot.  Frequent emails within which I moan about my newest symptom.  Constant bellyaching about how huge I feel (I’ve heard some nasty rumors that I’m supposed to get bigger?).  Whiny requests to go get that thing that I forgot, inevitably on another floor of the house. 

Whenever I throw something negative at him, he’s standing there, at the ready with something positive.  What’s that?  I was just woken up by my wife at 4 in the morning because her ribs were really painful?  No prob.  I’ll just suggest that she start getting more frequent massages.  My wife just complained for the 50th time today that she was pretty sure I’d never find her attractive again?  Let me rub her belly and kiss her and tell her how excited I am that she’s growing our family. 

He really is the best.  The other day, I announced that the baby is a sweet potato this week (a sweet potato!  That’s, like, so big!!) and instead of rolling his eyes that I was on that stupid pregnancy app again, he came over and started gobbling my stomach (what can I say?  The man is a fiend for sweet potatoes).  This morning, when I emptied the contents of my stomach (a very nice broccoli and cheese omelette he’d just made me) into the toilet, he looked at it and, instead of showing me how sad he must have been that I hadn’t kept his delicious food down, offered that maybe I’d like some crackers instead.

All this to say that I and Stowaway are incredibly lucky people.  I am lucky because he stands with me so firmly in this pregnancy.  I always used to think it was so weird when I’d hear people say “we’re pregnant” about their partner and themself but now it makes so much sense.  Mr. Cookie really does carry a share of this pregnancy because he remembers to take care of me when I forget to.  He’s one step ahead of me when I have a problem.

I looked back to last November in my archives to see if I’d posted about Thanksgiving last year and, of course, I had not.  I was too silly and caught up in problems at work and body image shit to see how good life was right then.  Life is so insanely good!  It was then, too, but maybe I hadn’t had enough hard stuff to make me appreciate the good. 

Pregnancy is hard.  Anyone who says differently may be considered as a surrogate for my next child.  But, no matter what, at the end of the day, I am so excited (and feel so lucky) to have a child.  On the days I forget that, I’m glad that my husband remembers.  He’s going to be a great dad.

I had a dream the other night (my first baby dream) that our child (a son) had been born.  I won’t tell you about the parts where the baby could talk and was very vocal about his feelings regarding breastfeeding (let’s just say he was very opinionated and felt I was not sating him) but I will tell you about the part where Mr. Cookie and his dad took him to a football game and I started sobbing, not because I was sad they were leaving but because they were such a tight little group and I knew that our child was incredibly blessed to have that.  Girl or boy, I know this child will have a special bond with his or her dad (and grandparents). 

18 weeks down.  I am so thankful for those weeks, hard as they may have been.  More importantly, I am so thankful for my husband, who made them easier.  Love you, Daddy-to-be.

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