The Devito Inside

I bet you thought you were going to see ultrasound pictures today, didn’t you?  Well, you were wrong.  Let me start by saying that everything looks good, the baby is healthy and growing and, as of yesterday, headbutting me in the cervix (which, while annoying, was vindication for me saying all day that I was feeling a lot of pressure there). 

And yes, we are having a… human!  Surprise!  There’s still only one, so things are pretty great.  It was very touching and bla bla bla.  Now, on to the real meat of this post.

You guys, I think that I have a smaller version of this in my stomach (albeit, with fewer clothes):

Now, let me explain.  The technician was not very talkative at all.  She was very curt with her answers, not at all like the friendly and informative one we had last time.  And, that’s fine- I realize I’m an annoying first time mom and maybe she was having a bad day.  But, I’m a doer, not a whiner, and so I’ve had to come to my own conclusions (warning:  do not try this at home without adult supervision).  Okay.   According to the venerable internet, the baby should be between 15.3 and 16.4 cm (baby is 14.4)  and should also be between 8.47 and 10.58 oz (baby is 11 oz).  Those are the measurements for 19 and 20 weeks, respectively, and I am 19 weeks, 4 days.  Herm.  So, basically, according to doctor google, my baby is shorter than average and chubbier than average.

Baby Devito, would you like it if Mommy ate a hard boiled egg now (those of you who watch It’s Always Sunny should get that reference)?

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    Jenn and Ben said,

    Ben is short relative to his girth, too…he’s about 65th percentile for height and 95th for weight as of his last doc visit…the doc actually said he might be getting a little “rotund” ! does this mean your baby is going to hide inside a couch naked when it comes out?

  2. 2

    Mrs. Cookie said,

    Hmm… Maybe I should start searching Craigslist for a black leather couch. 🙂 At first I thought you were referring to the crevice in the hideabed (and was confused, since that’s Charlie’s hiding spot), but then I remembered the glorious scene when Frank got into the couch to hide. Hehehe… If you click on my name, you should see a video of this.

  3. 5

    Erika said,

    Oh Mrs. Cookie. I’d pun if I could, but I don’t know enough about Danny Devito or It’s Always Sunny to do so. So instead I’m (ahem) couching my ignorance in a comment about cheesesteak. Actually, I’m leaving that to Jenn and Ben’s non-prickly roommate.

    • 6

      Erika said,

      Wait, wait, I’ve got one! I’m sorry to hear that the ultrasound tech’s technique left something to be desired. Perhaps you’d get better cervix from the Wizard of Os.

      Happy now?

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