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Brain Fart

So, I mentioned in my last post about how I think my baby is eating my brains.  I’m even more convinced now.  A few days ago, notification came that Mr. Cookie and I had received Amazon gift cards from his family for Christmas.  Wahoo!  As much as I keep telling myself that I need to spend the money on myself (or rather, as much as other people keep telling me), that is really  hard.  1)  I’m bad at thinking of what I want.  2)  Baby stuff is so interesting!

We have some dear friends coming to visit us in a couple weeks from NYC.  They’ll be bringing their kids, including a one year old.  I decided it would be way awesome if I had all the stuff I needed for the crib so they wouldn’t have to lug their pack ‘n’ play with them.  And, you know, I’m nesting or something.  So, I hopped on Amazon and ordered a mattress, some sheets, and a bumper (the mesh kind).  Then, yesterday I went to track the packages.  The good news is they’re on track to be delivered tomorrow or Thursday.  The bad news is that… they’re going to our old house.

Cue to a frantic email to our old landlords, who kindly put us in contact with the new tenants, who are graciously going to hold on to our stuff so I can go pick it up.  But seriously?  Brain?  Enough already.  Get your act together.

Oh yeah, and how cute are these sheets I ordered?  I got the two on top.  LOVE.  Dan and Andrea, any preference?  🙂


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Notes on a Baby Half Baked

Tomorrow is 20 weeks.  20!  That’s, like, halfway or something (yes, I realize the first two don’t really count and there will probably be some extra at the end, but I’m not counting those two things).  Halfway, yay!!  I deserve a prize.

Here is a bulleted list of exciting things that have happened lately:

  •  I am now feeling the baby’s movements more regularly.  As I type this, Stowaway is practicing a game s/he likes to call “beat up Mommy.”  Still, Stowaway is a little picky and will only perform such tricks for me.  Mr. Cookie felt vague movements once, but so far every time there is a spate of kicking, as soon as I call Mr. C over to feel it, it stops.  Boo.
  • The heartburn that I had been experiencing pretty regularly seems to have abated for now.  Huzzah!
  • I’ve noticed that my belly button is now getting shallower, and consequently the scar from a laparoscopic procedure I had about ten years ago is becoming more obvious.  This fascinates me for some reason.
  •  I have now made an agreement with Stowaway:  s/he will promise to be under 13 pounds, and I will take “Jihad” off my list of possible names.

I think that is all for now.  This promises to be our last quiet weekend before the holidays, so maybe I’ll finally get those belly shots up that we’ve been taking since something like week 10 and haven’t managed to actually post yet.  You never know!

EDIT:  All my life, I have astounded people with my ability to remember finite details of events long past.  I have a really good memory, and until lately that has included short and long term.  Lately, it’s as if my fetus is eating my brains (Attack of the Zombie Fetus.  I’m calling Hollywood).  What was I saying?  Oh yeah.  Today at lunch, I unpacked not one, but two Chobani Black Cherry yogurts from my bag.  Hmmm.  I distinctly remember opening the fridge this morning and thinking “huh, I thought we had more of those left” as I grabbed  a yogurt and tossed it into my lunch bag.  Apparently we did, because I’d already packed one (most likely seconds before, since I was in a hurry this morning).  Silly me.  Silly pregnancy.

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